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Monday, December 6, 2010

Help, I'm hearing voices!

Tonight I listened to a CD with the story of how Sid Roth, Messianic Jew and TV host, came to Christ. He wasn't raised that way. He tells an audience of Jewish people in Boca Raton, Florida, that he was separated from his wife and daughter at the time when he was encouraged by a friend to attend a New Age training center. There they taught people to meditate and accelerate their brain cells in order to become enlightened. They promised the clients that if they complete the training and their program doesn't work, they would refund their money. Sid thought it was just crazy stuff and wanted his money back, so he toughed it out. At the end, they encourage the clients to meditate and to invite a counselor spirit into their head. As proof that something new had entered Sid's life they presented him with the name of a woman about whom he knew nothing. Suddenly he saw a vision which suggested to him that she had cancer in her left breast. They said that was exactly right. At first Sid thought it was pretty cool and exciting.

The voice in his head gave him lots of information that he couldn't have known otherwise. He had become psychic. The problem was that he felt a little nuts and frightened. He wanted it to stop but didn't know how to make it happen. He didn't dare tell his parents, his wife, or his rabbi. He knew that none of them would understand.

He approached one of his mentors at the training center and said, "You are more advanced than I am. Would you enquire of your counselor and see what I'm going to be doing in a year?" The man's answer is extremely enlightening and should make us all sit up and take warning. He said, "Sid, this has never happened to me before! My counselor swore and cursed at me and wouldn't answer."

Sid's anguish grew until he really didn't care if he lived or died. At that point, a friend led him to Christ. Sid was so desperate that he didn't care who threw him a lifeline. He was willing to try anything. He went to bed that night in the pit of despair. He awoke in the morning filled with peace and joy. A clear voice spoke to him and said, "Return to your wife and daughter." He did that and has been happily married ever since. He is proud of his grandkids and they love their granddad. Sid's TV program is called It's Supernatural. He's kind of a dorky guy. His jokes were so bad on the CD I listened to that he had to explain that they were jokes. But God showed up at that meeting and people were healed. His TV show guests are all mediators of miracles and all have amazing stories to tell. Not one of them would suggest that the culture of supernatural healings and prophecy in their lives is a power from their own subconscious. They attribute every act to God. They know they are just the channel. The difference is that God doesn't babble about random news. His messages are focused on growth and deliverance in the lives of His people.

I recall another story where a woman bought a Ouija Board. She got so proficient with it that she put it away in her garage. Two spirits came through the portal of that board and just moved into her head. She didn't need the board anymore because the spirits just talked straight to her. One day she was invited to church. The spirits begged her not to go. She went anyway and accepted Christ. Unfortunately, they were still in her head. One day she went to her pastor and asked why. It turned out that the OB was still in her garage cupboard. The pastor came over for a board burning. As it burned, two sparks came out of the fire place and a scream was heard. But after that, the voices were gone for good.

Mind you, neither Sid nor the woman were bad, evil people who deserved to be demon possessed due to bad behavior. They were seekers. They were curious. They were just like you or me or anyone else. The spirits seemed so benign at first. Counselors. It's interesting to be psychic, and it could be quite helpful on occasion. The problem arises when one realizes the enmity these spirits have with Christianity and Jesus Christ. There is a profound incompatibility!

If Jesus is the essence of all that is good and loving, what does that say about these spirits? And if Jesus is just another teacher-guru, a nice man who taught us to be loving on the earth, why is He such a point of contention to these entities? Their hatred exalts Him and should be a directional pointer to Christ as a figure of immense power and presence.

Monday, November 15, 2010

What Lessons Can We Learn from the Ghosts?

Today there are several TV shows here in the US that deal with ghost hunting. . .Ghost Hunters, Ghost Adventures, Ghost Stories, Celebrity Ghost Stories, Paranormal State, and an occasional documentary about a famous exorcism or haunted house. Charismatic, TV-friendly hunters bring in high tech equipment such as digital recorders to record ghostly voices called Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP). There are night vision TV cameras, computer monitors watching every room, walkie talkies, Electromagnetic Frequency monitors, and heat sensing equipment. There is the interview with clients: We heard children crying or giggling, we saw a lady dressed in last century's fashion, we were touched, we heard a voice telling us to get out, we heard footsteps, things fly off the kitchen counter, something appears to me at night, we feel watched all the time, a voice tells me to kill myself or kill my parents or my kids, etc. In a haunted home, people live in terror as things literally go bump in the night. If local research is properly done, the actual name of the departed spirit may be discovered.

Some ghosts turn out to be benign. When local research is done, it might turn out to be a mom whose three daughters died or a civil war nurse. It might be a sad ghost that was driven to suicide by malevolent voices of other spirits. It might be a woman who was murdered and whose body was never found to be properly buried.

In other cases, the spirits are not benign or harmless at all. There were people who were abusive and destructive in their lifetime who are still trying to control and terrify living family members. There are spirits who encourage those in the home to commit suicide, cut themselves, or harm others. These are often invited into the home space by family members dabbling with the occult or playing with Ouija Boards. Ouija (or Spirit) Boards are a guaranteed portal through which all kinds of entities can enter the home. People think they are a toy for children to play with. A parent may as well run out to the sidewalk in front of their home and invite in any stranger that they meet to come in and play with their children. No one can say for sure what or who is coming through the board.

It's not easy to get rid of such entities. Most ghost hunters don't even bother. The Paranormal State team does the most research to find out why the building or home is haunted. They usually uncover the root cause of the problem. The solution might be a baptism for a house member, an exorcism by a priest, advice to change the way the family relates to one another, an empowerment speech to the victims of the haunting, an empathetic burial ritual, or a priestly house blessing. They usually get positive results.

One thing has not yet happened in TV land. Hollywood has produced shows focused solely on miracles and now shows focused on ghosts. There is a fairly recent tidal wave of books, but no TV shows, about the afterlife. Some are all about reincarnation, while others are about near death experiences (NDE) or pre-death experiences (PDE). In those cases there is the out-of-body (OBE) journey through a tunnel or across a river toward a loving light being who shows the newly deceased everything they ever did or thought. There is no sense of anger or vengeance, but the soul feels its own disappointment as they see their life in a totally new way. They come back determined to change and do better. Some see deceased relatives or angels. Others glimpse a huge city of light or gorgeous vistas that await them. Their thrill is so intense that they often have to be forced back into the world of pain and uncertainty. Sometimes they are given a choice, and only the thought of loved ones brings them back.

So what is the lesson? Ghosts do not seem to have seen the face of God. They are often frightened and trapped. No angel, relative, or light being has come to scoop them up and convey them to Paradise. They can't seem to leave the arena where they spent much of their life. They hang around buildings that used to be alive with activity and are now abandoned or owned by others. They want their old life back and can't even touch it. They can't move on. They are alone. They try to inhabit human bodies to have the sensations that the living feel or they try to drive the living away from their old haunt so they can have the building to themselves. The addicted are still addicted. The abusers are still abusers. The angry are still angry and the depressed still depressed. How fun is that???

The lesson the ghosts would pass on to us is either, kill yourself and join me in my hellish misery, or quit living the life you are living so you don't join me here. Ghosts clearly fear the name of Jesus and they don't thrive where there is love and peace. You are not immortal. Your money cannot save you. Like Bernie Madoff, whose vast estate is being auctioned off to repay his fraud victims the billions he stole from them, all your worldly goods will go to others. Even if they are buried in the grave with you, it all dissolves and turns to dust and worms. Change your life! Not everyone goes to "a better place" as we all wish to believe.

Monday, November 8, 2010

A Tree Planted by Water

Psalm 1 says, "Happy is the man who does not walk in the counsel of the wicked, nor stand in the path of sinners, nor sit in the seat of scoffers. But his delight is in the law of the LORD, and in His law he meditates day and night. He will be like a tree planted by streams of water, which yields its fruit in its season and its leaf does not wither; and in whatever he does, he prospers (NRSV).

A poetic metaphor, of course. But what does it really mean? That nothing bad will ever happen to a God-centered person? Of course not. We all know that such people can have car accidents, develop cancer, lose their homes, lose a child, wind up divorced, or become depressed and angry. Goodness knows Israel and every major hero and heroine in the Hebrew Bible had crosses to bear and trials to overcome. So what point was the author of the psalm making with such confidence?

The water represents God's presence in our lives... an otherworldly energy that brings them through all tests and trials stronger and wiser than before. There are trees that are potted and trees that are planted. Those planted in God's covenant grace will grow taller, wider, and older than the potted trees. They will bear more fruit, meaning that at life's end, the person will be able to look back and be content with what he or she produced with the effort of their life. They were a resource for others, a shelter in a storm, shade on a blistering day. At their funeral, people will line up to declare the wonderful aroma their life exuded.

In economic terms, it means that that person will inherit a possession that far outweighs what wall street has to offer. This is an inheritance that passes on to generations.

In terms of physics, the believer has laid hands on the ultimate quantum reality, the one that ultimately leads to green pastures rather than to spooky nonsense and spiritual confusion.

In mathematical terms, it is the overcoming of the chaos of the universe. The fractal begins to make sense; eternity and infinity are a source of peace and joy.

In psychological terms, it is the peace that passes all understanding.

In political terms, it represents submission to the Peace Child of Isaiah 9, the One who governs wisely, who was prophetically given 7 designations: Wonderful, Counselor, Mighty, God, Eternal, Father, Prince of Peace.

The tree planted by the waters of God's Presence will experience storms and drought, but the leaf will not wither. This tree is an overcomer which passes on its strength and longevity to future generations.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Big New Job

One more year of college for son Ben. His girlfriend has already graduated and gotten her first job. Son Chris has one more year of classwork in his Ph.D. program. After that he prepares for his comps and outlines his dissertation. So next summer will be a time fraught with life-changing decisions and commitments for those 3 young adults. It reminds me a little of my own story when I was in Kentucky sometime in late 1980.

I had a wonderful job as a Geologic Draftsperson for the Kentucky Geological Survey, located on the U.K. campus in Lexington, KY. I loved what I did, where I worked, and who I worked with. The problem was that I was listed as a Teacher's Aid and I made the same salary. I was grindingly poor. Life was like quick sand. Pull one foot out and the other sinks. I lived with a cat named Mugsy in a small trailer in a trailer park. The park had its own ambiance which wasn't entirely unpleasant, but I could barely afford to feed the two of us and keep the trailer is basic repair. Someone once asked me why I had so many problems if I was the Christian and God was supposed to be helping me. I had no answer, but privately, as I considered it, my foundational problem was poverty. And I was really tired of it.

One day the pastor of our small Assembly of God Church decided to have a talk about tithing, after which he called people up to testify. I did so, because I had never ceased to tithe. I guess that's why the editor at work once said to me, "God just keeps your nose above water." After I spoke, the pastor said, "When you get that big new job, you come and tell us about it." I answered, "Oh, I love my job! I'm not planning to apply anywhere. I just wish I could earn a living wage." He said, "Well, I think God has a big new job for you, and when it comes, you come back here and tell us."

Not too long after that a flyer came from the California Division of Mines and Geology in San Francisco. The beginning pay for exactly what I was doing in Kentucky was the same as the Assistant Geologists were making. I didn't have to think twice. I applied for the job and was granted an interview. My mother bought me an airplane ticket. I was quickly hired and had very little time to pack everything in Kentucky that my car could carry and hit the road to California. Events developed so quickly that I never got back to the church to tell them about the big new job. It was located in the Ferry Building, across from a BART station and right beside the Oakland Bay Bridge. I had a nice little apartment in Fremont. A fluffy little stray kitten adopted me right away. I still wasn't rich. When my car engine froze, I couldn't afford to replace it. I allowed the car be repossessed. Rain or shine, I rode a squeaky old bike that I bought for $15. But I kept tithing and calling out to God for some further progress.

After a couple of years, a very nice young geologist announced that his wife had left him. He and I began to date. We had an idyllic courtship as we explored SF restaurants or rode around the Bay Area on his motorcycle. We were married about three and a half years after I began work there. In spite of the fact that I was 39 years old, I quickly became pregnant and had a perfect baby boy. The rest is history.

Transition times are the most difficult eras of our lives. We moms can barely hold back the tears when our first one goes off to kindergarten. When kids go off to college or the military, there is angst both with child and parent. When they marry and move away, a parent's heart has to stiffen against the bittersweet parting. When a spouse dies, the living mourn and rearrange their lives. But when we serve Christ, we know that God always has a plan... a good one... and we are never going through those unfamiliar pathways alone.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Why I, a Protestant, Now Believe in Purgatory

It may not be fire, but it has been graphically described by several authors who have stumbled onto different versions of it.

Dr. Frank Ritchie and Angie Fenimore began as nonbelievers but ended as devout Christians because of what they saw in Otherworld. Robert A. Monroe and Rosalind McKnight practiced decades of out of body experiments with no particular religious orientation. They did not encounter God or Jesus Christ, but they did describe many a miserable, lost, and benighted spirit. Monroe was occasionally accosted by spooky, sexual entities who tried to seduce him into an erotic encounter. Monroe describes the fate of two of his close intellectual friends and that of his father, none of whom were in a peaceful heavenly situation. One of them came up to greet him through a hole in the floor of some Otherworld room. He appeared as a gaseous cloud. As he began to address Monroe, guiding hands interrupted the interview and led Monroe away. Monroe's description of angry, desperate, addicted earthbound spirits precisely matches that of Dr. Ritchie. Whitley Strieber describes the death of a good friend who, despite spiritualistic songs and ceremonies, seemed to have slipped into hell before Whitley's eyes. Authors who write about near death experiences have related tales of trapped souls. The show Paranormal State dealt with earthbound spirits who were certainly not in heaven or 'in the light' and were often still malicious troublemakers. Numerous Christian authors have described missing hell by a hair before their conversion. Others have visited heaven for a brief time but, while they were over there, they saw many others going elsewhere. Even the books promoting reincarnation for everyone admit that some human souls get stuck. For years, I hoped that the declaration of Jesus about the way to heaven being narrow was wrong, but after months of my recent research, I accept it to be a heart wrenching fact.

I have read two of Monroe's three books. I began with Journey's Out of the Body and moved on to Far Journeys. I'm not convinced that everything he describes is real. Some of it doesn't ring true. He might be exaggerating or he may be the victim of entity simulations, which can be so real that telling the difference between the simulation and reality is difficult. However, some intriguing points come through consistently. One of them is that the end game is love. Monroe is not talking about sexual love. In Far Journeys he describes a wet, sweaty, writhing mass of humans who had permanently left their physical state, but were trying to regain the sensation of total unrestrained sex in Otherworld. He pulled one man out by the leg and made three attempts to communicate with him. The man seemed not to notice. He could not wait to get back into the writhing ball. But says Monroe, there is no satisfaction in the non-material world because there is no real human body. That pretty much is the Christian message. In the Kingdom of heaven there is no marriage or giving in marriage, and the end game is love. The New Testament Greek word is agape, which indicates God's unconditional love for all mankind. Jesus also described hell as a place where the fire is not quenched and the worm does not die. Take that in a metaphorical sense and the OOBers and NDEers are describing a kind of hell.

The consistent message in all of the books I've read (although not explicitly stated) is that two things seem to open the way to a pleasant eternity. One is to learn to live a life of sacrificial love, putting others first and denying our bonds to evanescent desires. Genuinely repent of damaging things that we've done to our self and others and change our life, letting go of our attachment to addictions, ego, and to the things of this earth. Another is to call on Jesus Christ to forgive our sins, renew our souls, and open the way to the Father. That is the sure way. The books I have been reading often proclaim the Christian message, just in other words. The problem is that they lack the Christ who said the some of the same things first. The Christ Force can't change your life or forgive your sins. Jesus the guru can't lead you to the Father. Jesus stripped of the cross can not be the door to heaven. Jesus of the Bible is the only one that counts. Any entity, alien, or spirit that would deny who He is and what He did will lead you to hell.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A Modern Christian Sophistry

A sophistry is something that looks good, feels good, and sounds really good that it becomes an absolute truth for long periods of time, deeply impacting culture, before people realize that it's just wrong and they have to let the idea go. A sophistry stops all progress until it is exposed. One example in our own history in the U.S. is that black people are not fully human, so it's OK to buy and sell them on the open market. One of the biggest sophistries in the world today is promoted by the global Christian church. It is the evangelical belief that the Bible is inerrant, that there is no error in the Scripture, that all ideas expressed are those of God Himself.

The belief that there can be no human content or cultural bias in the writing of the Bible is just wrong. To continually aver that the Bible is perfect, inerrant, and always reflects God's current view of the world sounds so good, so pious, so holy, so heroic...and is always rewarded with amens and "well said" from all the brethren with whom we want to stay connected and by whom we want to be admired. But if Jesus is the way, the TRUTH, and the life, how can clinging to a pious sophistry further the life of the soul? What it really does is make the church irrelevant in our day and age. It makes God look retroactive and unappealing. It overlooks the dynamic for growth and change that is embedded into the Scriptures that allows the message, like a new wine skin, to change shape over diverse times and cultures. Divesting ourselves of the doctrine of inerrancy does mean that we have to think about our theology a little more. It means that we can't default to former cultures, even those depicted in the Bible, to express God's message to our world. We do not need to treat our wives, daughters, and women like the leaders of the first century church did. We do not have to love our wives as Abraham loved Sarah. We have to gain the mind of Christ, define how His love plays out in our era, and model a love that speaks to our decade.

One of the first things that would change is how the church defines women in leadership and in the home. We would have to reconsider whether a woman needs the 'covering' of a man in order to stay spiritually strong and acceptable to God. Such a doctrine does disservice to the blood and redemption work of Jesus Christ. It is also unnecessarily demeaning to women, as if they are intrinsically defective in some way. Historically, there are too many examples of strong Christian women who supported their families in prayer, putting that female intercessor in the place of "high priest." The fact is, evangelicals are proud of proclaiming the fact that Jesus is our High Priest and none other. Paul proclaimed the man as the head of the woman in an era in which a woman had no rights or public presence. Because of such pronouncements, it wasn't until 1920 that women could vote. The women fighting publicly for the right to vote were beaten, ridiculed, and persecuted. I'm sure many a good preacher vilified them from the pulpit, using Scripture to back their claim that those women are out of proper order.

If we acknowledge that God speaks through His messengers in a voice and at a level of knowledge which is appropriate for the era of the message, we could also reconsider how literally we should read Genesis 1. The difference in tone between Gen. 1 and 2 would be more recognizable, as would the progression of creation events, which vary in the two documents. The name of God changes three times in the early chapters of Genesis. Psalm 104 would be added to the creation epic. All would be recognized for what they are, theological poetry. If we could step back and appreciate the exalted language and the simplification of concepts, the debate between religion and science would be greatly diminished.

I personally do believe that the Bible is perfect. It is a perfect reconstruction of mankind grappling with new revelations and old traditions. Haggai's name, which means "my wrestling," is a good alternate moniker for the entire biblical message. Men and women continually have to wrestle with God and with each other and with the enemy of our souls to properly interpret and re-communicate God's message to the contemporary world.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Remote Viewers Target Jesus

I quit blogging for some time now because I realized that the ideas and info I was sharing in my blog are the same content that I want to write about in a book. However, I just have to express my frustration as I read about the Invisible Helpers who guided Rosalyn McKnight around the cosmos. Robert A. Monroe of the Monroe Institute was her monitor.

A remote viewer is not informed about the actual target he or she is supposed to view. The monitor receives an envelope from a client (eg. CIA, DIA, a corporation). The monitor does not open the envelope, but he might say, the target is a person. The idea is to not 'frontload' the viewer with information that may taint the results. After the viewing, the envelope is opened and the viewer gets 'feedback,' an important step in quality development and control. Sometimes the target is Jesus or Jesus Christ. When it is, Jesus is actually out there. The viewer who may or may not be a Christian, will probably not recognize him as Jesus, but will describe his attributes. They may say that he is an energy light being who somehow came to earth many years ago, or that he is a male who is innocent of all wrongdoing and is wonderful, lovable, warm, and able to scan the viewer and help that viewer see his own life in a new way. No trumpeter announces that this is the Son of God, but the viewer comes away impressed. So make no mistake, Jesus is out there. I could point to 3 or 4 RV descriptions of Jesus.

In books by or about Edgar Cayce, Jean Dixon, to some degree Ruth Montgomery, the spirits acknowledge that Jesus is central and highly exalted. But sometimes he is more of a celebrity just out there somewhere. As with a dead Christian denomination, he is given lip service, but not worshiped and not central to the life of the practitioner. Finally, we have books promoting belief in reincarnation where the spirits affirm that there is no God, no throne, no heaven, no hell, no evil, no punishment. Existence is about trying, trying, trying tryingtrying to improve oneself.

Beginning in the 1980's many remote viewers or trainees were sent to the Monroe Institute in the beautiful Virginia mountains to see if OBE training could enhance the psi spy program. In ROMC's book about her experience roaming around the cosmos in OBE state, led by her Invisible Helpers and watched over by her monitor, Robt. Monroe, the spirits very quickly indicated their desire to channel through her much like they did through Edgar Cayce. In this case ROMC was awake enough to describe things that she was experiencing and hearing. For this group of spirits Jesus the Christ is the highest vibrational energy form that there is. He came to earth to help raise the consciousness level of the earth and the people on it (they don't say how). He is part of the god-force (yes, that's a small G) but there is no God that punishes. In this view, the words evil are not used, although in her roamings she saw many miserable, trapped souls and even heard screams of pain. Maybe not physical pain, but certainly some kind of anguish of existence. Those are all the lower and lowest of vibrational levels. The words good, bad, choice, and consequence are not at issue. The words level, vibrations, low, high, higher, consciousness are used over and over ad nauseum. In her travels through our earthly woods, she sees happy little fairies and smiling flowers. She also sees musical gnomes, little woodchucks living in the trees, and little sun beings who slide down on sunbeams and go into the plants and trees to make energy. There are no demons in her woods. All is happiness, gratitude, joy, and music.

Her spirits told Monroe that it's not about religion and ethics or worship of any higher power. It's all about raising vibrational levels, balance and rhythm in the universe. No path to follow is offered except to be more loving and grateful for the earth. People reincarnating may bring balance to their being by being in a high vibrational level in one life and then choose the lowest level in another. So... would the lowest would be like a Mayan priest who celebrated victory in war by cutting the beating heart out of living victims and throwing their bloody corpse down the pyramid stairs? Or Jack the Ripper? Or Bernie Madoff? What would the New Age readers think if the Bible suggested that we balance our lives out by choosing to be brutes in one life and saints in another? The laughing would never end.

Jesus was all about ethics and choice and helping the poor and forgiving those that abuse you. He gave us a solid, practical path to follow. You can find it in Matthew, ch. 5 - 7. Why don't the spirits suggest that one read the New Testament and find out what this high vibrational light being had to say? The reason is that what Jesus had to say is the opposite of what the spirits have to say. Intelligent, educated individuals would rather hear about the body being divided into chakra segments and enhanced by a serpent entity that winds up their spine into their brainstem than hear about avoiding sin. The very word sin, love your neighbor, angels, heaven, hell are soooo yesterday. Boooooring. Passe. Talk to a high IQ about laser beams, vibrations, gnomes and fairies and balance in the universe and kundalini serpents and it's all "Whooooo, coool!!" Christian literature might boast about the blind being able to see, the lame walking, drug addicts delivered, a damaged heart or liver being made completely new in a moment, even the dead being raised (I'm talking about today) but that's booooooooring and only for the naive, the simple minds who don't understand about laser beams.

For the sake of brevity, let's put it this way. If Jesus and the devil opened competing restaurants, Jesus would serve you a real juicy steak that you could chew and swallow, and he'd give you a salt shaker to salt it. He'd say, "I am giving you this because I love you, and when you're done, I want you to share my bounty with others." The devil would give you a bowl of vibrations and an empty salt skaker. He'd say, "The vibrations are full of light and the shaker full of love. Enjoy and advance to a higher level." (Boooooooring!)

Friday, June 11, 2010

Dr. John Lerma, Into the Light

Dr. John Lerma is a hospice doctor with the Houston Medical Center, hospice care. He is in a perfect position to examine afterlife experiences by interviewing his own patients and inquiring about their pre-death visions and revelations. His book is fascinating, enlightening, and perplexing at the same time. First of all, one thinks of angelic visitations as a relatively rare event, but in Lerma's book angels are everywhere. Of course, we only hear the stories where they appear, so that could make perfect sense. Second,the patients give long explanations as to what the angels tell them. Whether the age is 4 or 9 or 88, they all sound lecturish with consistent themes in several of the lectures such as the covenant agreement of the adult soul prior to conception in which the soul chooses its fate. That fate may include drug addiction, murder, drunk driving, or rape. It's all for the benefit of humanity. It all works out perfectly. Another popular theme is that there are no dark spirits. Every human has 'the dark' in them and if we let that take over our life, it can 'create' a temporary 'entity' that cooperates with the light angels in showing us that the dark is counter-productive. Third, all of the lectures given to Dr. Lerma sound like... well, like Dr. Lerma.

So I found myself wondering if he took the liberty to embellish the stories a bit or to insert just a tad of his own worldviews into the lectures. That's why the last two stories were so startling. Rachel was a Jewish lady from Argentina who had a really terrible disease called Huntington's chorea. It causes involuntary muscle spasms and ends with dementia and death. In hospice she had a tube down her throat so she couldn't talk. During that time she began to have visions of Jesus Christ. After a while they removed it and inserted a breathing apparatus through her nose. About a week before she died she stunned a roomful of people, including her husband, her synagogue friends, a nurse, and Dr. Lerma himself, when she announced what she had been seeing and hearing.

She claimed that Jesus Christ was standing at the foot of her bed washing her feet. I had a friend long ago who suffered greatly in her life who also had such a vision. Rachel gave a very personal message from Jesus to both Lerma and the nurse which blew them out of their socks because it was about their children. One child was deceased and was standing next to Jesus. The other was that God did not want Lerma to move to protect his children from predation. All would be well.

The Jewish friends and husband in the room were stunned and offended, thinking that she must be on some kind of medication. Lerma asked, "Are you sure it was Jesus?" She answered yes and said that she had accepted him as her Messiah and Son of God. She wanted her husband to know that it was real and that he must do the same. The reference to Jesus as the Son of God reminded me of Dr. Ritchie standing in the presence of the Son of God. Of course there was that tiny little nuance: "I chose to follow him as the Son of God." So... to her he is the Son of God, but his personna is fluid enough that for someone else he can be a nice teacher? That sounds a little wishy-washy. Either he is the Son of God or he's not.

The fact that she was so lucid and the messages were so accurate was considered a miracle. She did not have dementia. Then there were the other interesting insights. Her suffering was for the purpose of raising the level of humanity (a Catholic teaching and a frequent theme in the Lerma stories) and she and Jesus chose this path for her before she was born. Well, people have been suffering a LOT since we quit swinging in the tree branches. When is all the suffering supposed to bear the fruit of elevation and enlightenment? Rawanda? Idi Amin? Sudan? the Congo? Kosovo? The Middle Ages? Apartheid? Martin L. King assassination? Hmm, don't see it yet.

Even though Lerma was raised Catholic, I can't imagine that he would simply invent a Jewish woman who would tell her family and friends that Jesus is their Messiah. I could perhaps with enough compelling proof entertain the thought that our suffering might help others, although I can't see that the world is a better place for it all. I have to reject the idea that we agree with Jesus or the good aliens or the directors and masters of the universe to come to earth and do harm, to fall, to harm ourselves, to kill 4 teens in a drunken accident, etc. all to raise the level of humanity.

So the readers of Lerma's book will have to decide for themselves how credible it all is. I'm happy that the first and last couple of stories show Jesus Christ as the center of our advancement and salvation. Lerma asked Jesus through Rachel why some patients saw Jesus, but none had ever seen Buddha or Muhammud. Now that is a question I would love to ask Jesus myself. I feel I know the answer, but to hear him say it?? I would fall off my chair to have that opportunity. Rachel herself answered it: "That's not important." Rachel, Rachel....

Thursday, June 3, 2010

What Do the Hoover Dam and the Wedding at Cana Have in Common?

In my previous blog, I promised to write about Dr. Richard Eby's father, who worked for G.E.'s High Voltage Bushing Department. The company's president told Mr. Eby that bushings were an essential part of America's future. The lack of bushing technology was holding back progress in the electrification of the country. What was needed was some type of porcelain or material that could withstand millions of volts of electricity, not only from the electricity generated but from the lightning storms that hit the wires. When Hoover Dam was being built, the issue of bushings became critical.

After many years, four labs were getting nowhere. Finally Eby Sr. gave up and asked for God's help. The next morning, his Bible fell open to John 2, the story of the Wedding at Cana where Jesus Christ turned the water in six large ceramic pots into wine. Suddenly he felt God speaking directly to his mind. Six large ceramic pots that withstood the energy or power it would take to rearrange the molecules of water. They also withstood the pressure needed to hold about 25 gallons of water. That morning Eby Sr. came down to breakfast happy that he now had confidence that the problem would be solved and it would have something to do blast-proof pottery.

Eby closed down his whole division for a month so everyone could rest. When they all returned, he encouraged people to tell stories about their time away. Nothing turned up immediately, but pressure was rising because cement was being poured into Boulder Dam and the bushing problem was holding things up. In desperation, Eby called up the ceramic expert at another plant and asked him what he did on his time off. The man went traveling all through Europe, wound up at the royal tombs in Egypt, and bribed a guard for a souvenir. At 4 am, Eby called him again and asked him what the souvenir was that he brought home. Turned out to be a piece of pottery from Tut's tomb that still looked to be in good shape. Eby was ecstatic. He knew this would be the answer. He ordered Cermak to examine and make a bushing out of whatever it was. Two weeks later the new bushing was ready for testing. They sent enough electricity through it to shake the building, but it didn't explode. An hour later President Hoover was notified that the bushing problem was solved at last.

As stated in my earlier post, this story is found in Dr. Richard Eby's 1978 book called "Caught Up Into Paradise."

Monday, May 31, 2010

Dr. Richard Eby Visits Paradise

In his book Caught Up Into Paradise (1978), Dr. Richard Eby tells the true tale of what happened after he fell off a rotted balcony and landed on his head on cement. His skull was cracked open and blood gushed everywhere. He was told by doctors later that he actually bled out by the time he got to the hospital. The ER refused to waste blood on this dying 60-year-old man. They thought they could earn a few extra pennies by sewing the scalp back together and save the morgue from having to do it. Forty cents per stitch, is what they told Eby later, but they did a sloppy job of it because after all, the man was dead.

Meanwhile, Eby was in eternity, for just a while. He examined his robed, ghostly body. He smelled the air of Paradise, examined the flowers. They were all perfect, therefore all the same. His body was transparent. No genitals. There were no shadows because light was everywhere. Colors were brilliant, including the white of the little flowers.

To make a long story short, Eby's healing was nothing short of miraculous. The jagged gash on his head healed so quickly that the stitches were no longer needed. But his head and face were still out of kilter because no one bothered to put the skull back together right. When he got home from the hospital (way earlier than thought possible) a specialist physician made a special trip to his home to rearrange his skull.

During his early recovery, Eby had an encounter with a cloud that he recognized as Jesus Christ. It said twice, "My peace I leave with you. You will heal with your hands." He had one more encounter. After he was sufficiently recovered, he and his wife took a trip to Israel. It was 1977, and they were in what is called the Garden Tomb. Suddenly the lights went out, and all were plunged into total blackness. Suddenly Eby felt the presence of Christ beside him. He was told that he had been allowed to visit Paradise, but now he was to experience hell. Suddenly foul smells, demonic thoughts, and utter despair swept over Eby. He was alone in total darkness, but knew that he was in the presence of creepy Pit-mates. It only lasted a couple of minutes, but it was the worst thing he had ever experienced. Jesus commanded him to tell people the reality of both places. The book he wrote fulfills that command.

It's odd how hypnotherapists who regress their clients into past lives never hear reports of demons, dysfunctional ghosts, spiritual warfare, deception, or aliens--entities that are so real for so many. I think one of the reasons that many people hate Christianity is because Christians not only believe what the Bible says about hell being real, they temporarily experience it in the afterlife or in visions. Hell suggests to such critics that God is unforgiving and sadistic. I would far rather agree with the reincarnationists and believe that the afterlife is all therapy, therapy, therapy. But the reports of those who are regressed are somewhat contradictory, so there can't be one unified reincarnation machine running the whole world. Furthermore, as compelling as many such reports are, there are too many elements missing for me to believe everything I read about it. They never see anything genuinely dark, but I KNOW that such things exist. Eby's testimony about Paradise and hell, confirmed by his experience of the Presence of Jesus Christ, is worthy of serious consideration.

My next blog post will be about Richard Eby's father. The title will be, "What does Hoover Dam and the Wedding at Cana Have in Common?"

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Why We Should Dedicate Our Children

Exodus 20:4-6, NIV reads:
4 "You shall not make for yourself an idol in the form of anything in heaven above or on the earth beneath or in the waters below. 5 You shall not bow down to them or worship them; for I, the LORD your God, am a jealous God, punishing the children for the sin of the fathers to the third and fourth generation of those who hate me, 6 but showing love to a thousand {generations} of those who love me and keep my commandments.

It sounds a little unfair for God to punish one generation for the sins of a former generation, but I think what is happening here is not an unfair dispersal of God's punishment but a cause and effect relationship of negative influences passed from one generation to another. That still isn't fair, but anyone with open eyes can see that the sins or indiscretions of one generation can cause tremendous despair, failure, and difficulties for the next, and that those influences can last for generations of dysfunctional families. Gods and devils don't need to have anything to do with it.

However, I do believe that they do have quite a lot to do with what happens in our families. When you take the Bible seriously, and even if you don't, if you study the occult or the paranormal long enough, you soon discover that spiritual influences follow family lines like velcro. People who believe that they are alien abductees declare that their children are taken even from the crib, and there is nothing they can do about it. People who are into spiritualism know that certain children are picked from a very early age to carry on the family occult activities. Ditto for people who believe in reincarnation. It is children from the ages of 2 to 6 who recall their former lives without hypnotic regression. It's not fair, but it's a fact. One way or another we often pass on to our children what we do and what we are. If that is negative, it will hurt generations of our descendants.

On the other hand, blessings can also be passed down. Charlie Shedd wrote a book about children and angels. He relates that when he was young, he fell into bad company. Bad deeds escalted among his pack of friends. Finally one declared on the phone that they were going to rob a trolly. Young Charlie felt a hand on his shoulder, and his grandfather's voice suggested that he not go, that he make some popcorn and watch a movie. Charlie's grandfather was deceased, but because of the hand and the voice, he declined to go. Two friends of his robbed the trolley. They were recognized by the aged driver, so one panicked and shot him. Both boys wound up in prison for life. Why did Charlie not suffer the same fate? It's not fair that a hand and a voice caused him to stay home that night while the other boys had no one to suggest they were making a huge mistake, but it happened anyway. His two friends regretted what they did, but it was too late.

The more I study the occult, the more I want to stay close to a church family. I think we should not only dedicate our young children, we should begin to pray for our children in the womb, and even before their conception. The best inheritance that we can offer them is the blessing and covering of God on their lives. Somewhere they have to make their own choices and live with the consequences, good or bad, but lucky is the child that has generations before them that understand the power of the blessing of God. Lucky are they who have loving parents to pray for them. Paul the Apostle wrote about one saved family member sanctifying other unbelieving members. It's true. Prayer and virtue are powerful treasures to pass on to our descendants. It's never too early to dedicate them to God.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Linette and the Little Black Blob

The little black blob appeared in the home of Ron and Linette shortly after a woman she knew dropped by the house for a visit. That woman had been playing with a Ouija Board in her former location. Linette knew that playing with the OB could open portals in the spirit world, so everyone who knew her knew that she wouldn't approve, including this lady. Linette is an evangelical Christian who has no interest in playing games with the spirit world.

Nevertheless, when the woman left, she left behind a 'hitchhiker,' a deposit of something spiritual, but not Christian. Linette began to notice that when she got up at night to get a drink or use the bathroom, a little black shadow would appear here and there. She ignored it, or told herself that it was her little black dog Boo Boo. Boo Boo used to follow her around at night.

One day Linette was dancing around the house singing a worship song that she had recently written. She was having a great time, totally focused on the Lord. Ron was in the other room and it was daylight, so lack of vision was not an issue, but perhaps it was lack of focus that made her think that Boo Boo was wanting to go out. The little dog would stand by the door and she would open it, so that's what she did. The little dark shadow went out, and she closed the door. The problem was that when she turned around, her dog and cat were sitting right behind her, looking at her intently. Stunned, she thought, 'What did I just let out the door?' Needless to say, she didn't see the little shadow after that. Her attempt to recall when she started noticing the shadow brought to mind the lady who came to visit after having played with the Ouija Board. Was there a connection? What was evident was that the shadow had never been Boo Boo, and furthermore, there was something about an atmosphere of genuine Christian worship that caused the presence to leave.

When I was in seminary, the Old Testament professor kept talking about 'crash helmet Christianity.' Wouldn't it be wonderful to experience it, he kept saying. About the third time he mentioned that phrase, I raised my hand and said, "If crash helmet Christianity came to your church, you would reject it. You'd throw it right out the window. The fact is, that kind of Christianity already exists and you don't want it." I reflected on the old Pentecostal church where the neighbors would occasionally call the fire department out to the church during a service, because they would see flames on the roof. The trucks would arrive only to see a bunch of crazy Pentecostal praising God. I thought about the stories of the Azuza Street Revival (They Told Me Their Stories, by Tommy Welchel) in which limbs grew out and the blind were made to see. There is Kaitee Lusk, who received a message from God to fly to the Philippines and lead Ferdinand Marcos to Christ. She did so (Eternal Makeovers) by pure faith. She found him on his death bed, with a breathing tube down his throat, but she led him to Christ shortly before he died. Members of the bodyguard and of the Marcos family followed suit. More recently, there are two DVD's made by Darren Wilson (Finger of God and Furious Love) that are so radical that even I am amazed.

I'm in a wonderful church right now that I really love, but it's not what you would call crash helmet Christianity because you always know what is going to happen next. Great worship songs, funny video, greeting, sermon, announcements, collection, all in an hour and 15 minutes.) There are major blessings here and there, but you don't need to fasten your seat belt when you sit down in the chairs. At least not yet.

Back in the seminary class, discussion arose about miracles and unexpected events occurring in church. One woman said that her father was a Methodist pastor. He didn't deny the possibility of miracles and deliverances in church, he just didn't want them to happen in his church. I assured her that he need have no fear, it will never happen in his church. It happens where people are desperate to see people saved and delivered, so much so that they want whatever it takes to make that happen... in their church and outside of it, too. That's what I long for, not because it brings attention to this person or that, but because the Holy Spirit can accomplish in 5 minutes what we could do in 5 years. Salvation, deliverance, discipleship, love, that is what it's all about.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Yahweh Rebukes the Fundamentalists

Fundamentalists love the Book of Job. Besides the fact that it's great literature, who can't empathize with Job's predicament? He is being tested by God. He has lost his children, his goods, and his health. His wife is shrieking at him and his supposed friends, those misguided comforters, are accusing him of being a sinner. Furthermore, Job doesn't understand what is happening with his God. God is behaving in ways that don't make sense. Something is terribly wrong, but what and why?

The fact is, Job's friends were standing on solid ground. They were standing on God's Holy, inerrant, unchanging Word. Deuteronomy 27 and 28 assure the reader that bad things happen to the disobedient sinners. Good things happened to the obedient. They had tradition on their side. "Ask the former generations and find out what their fathers learned, for we were born only yesterday and know nothing, and our days on earth are but a shadow. Will they not instruct you and tell you?" They had piety on their side. How could any sane person impugn God's holy and pure justice? The friends had an eloquent repertoire of speeches with which to defend God. How could they not be on perfectly safe ground, not only with God but with every man they knew on earth. Their argument was a sure thing, their reputations secure. The longer they pleaded with Job to mend his ways and confess his error, the holier these men felt.

As for Job, he was the miscreant. How dare he accuse God? What new idea is this, that a good man could suffer so? One thing fundamentalists know is that they know it all. They have the whole revelation and there will surely never be anything new. God must uphold all of the righteous revelations of the past. He cannot waver. Cannot change. That would be imperfect. Old is good. Formulations are safe and good. Job was calling for an arbiter, an advocate who had a foot in heaven and a foot on earth, one who could plead man's cause with God and explain the inscrutable deity to mankind. Job suggested that there were gray areas in this understanding of suffering. The old formulas don't always work.

And yet, when all of the speeches had been made, with Job crying out in confusion and doubt and the 3 friends laying out how things have always been, God rebuked the friends and defended Job. "After the LORD had said these things to Job, he said to Eliphaz the Temanite, 'I am angry with you and your two friends, because you have not spoken of me what is right, as my servant Job has.'" They had to sacrifice seven bulls and seven rams and Job had to pray for their atonement. Job became their priest in a sense. He also became an instrument of (gasp) a broader understanding of God. Good people can suffer! It's not all cut and dried. It's not that Deuteronomy was totally wrong--it's just that the problem is a little more complicated than those two chapters can resolve.

That's why Jesus warned against putting new wine in an old wineskin. Old skins are brittle and will crack. They can't take the pressure of new thoughts and new understandings. They are faithful stewards of all that is old and fixed, but anything new is dangerous and is a slippery slope that the truly pious will avoid at all cost. Furthermore, they rebuke, chasten, and persecute anything that isn't frozen in time, you know, like wives submitting to their husbands in all things. Like the priesthood. Liturgies. Formulas for baptisms. So many dogmas, quite a few of them very old. We stand guard with our swords at the ready to cut down any new thought or way of worship.

Well, some new things should be cut down, but there is no stop sign at the end of the apostolic era. The Holy Spirit blew right past it and is still at work in the world today. Our ears and eyes need to stay open. God is still afoot in the world and I don't ever want to miss what He is doing.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

You've Got to Show That There's a War Going On...

and you've got to show that the only way to win that war is through love.

Those are the words of God directly and clearly to Darren Wilson, the producer of a movie called The Finger of God. Darren was set on his course to make that movie from two spectacular circumstances. One was that his aunt Patsy and uncle Bob both got gold teeth set into their mouths while at a Pentecostal church service. The other is that an angel named Breakthrough confronted him directly and commanded him to make the movie he was contemplating. That first movie was about miracles, Christian miracles. They included things like gold dust appearing on people as they preached, gemstones appearing in church, and gold teeth appearing in people's mouths.

The second movie was first prophesied by Heidi Baker, who told him that God wanted him to go into the darkness to show the light. Later, in a service at the Toronto Airport church, he was shoved back into his seat and spoken to in no uncertain terms about the second movie, which would deal with the occult and paranormal. He called it Furious Love. He began that filming by going to a New Age convention to "pick a fight." God restrained those efforts and reminded him that it wasn't about fighting, but about love.

When I first heard that I thought two things. First, people don't want to admit that the spiritual realm is also a place of conflict where freewill, good, and evil clash. There is so much of that here in our physical plane, it just seems more that we can grasp that it all goes on there as well. We want to believe that the afterlife or the dimension beyond or physical realm is a place where all issues get resolved, all evil is reconciled with good, and everyone rests in peace. Kind of like Hollywood where improbable happy endings to severe conflicts in our movies make us feel good. Nice people require a nice, benevolent universe, and cannot accept that a God would allow a universe to harbor demons or evil spirits. But God says it isn't so, and so does the Bible, from Genesis 3 to Revelation. The Bible is full of spiritual conflict.

The second thought is that dang, I wish God had said that to Moses, you know, the part about love. Instead we have, "Show them no mercy," and "kill them all." Maybe that's why Jesus was never able to call God Yahweh. He always talked about Him as Father. What a concept! This mighty entity, with the power to nuke the entire globe if He wanted to, doesn't require the title of "Your Mighty, Holy, Highness God of the Universe." It seems the Pope demands more acknowledgement of holiness and authority than God does. God wants to be addressed by all of us as Father, and he doesn't care if we are men or women, slave or free, Canaanite or Israelite, black or white. We don't have to claim to be the dirt under His feet like the Canaanite mayors wrote to the Egyptian Pharaoh in the Amarna Letters. We are His children and He is our inheritance.

I'm not suggesting that the God of Moses isn't the same God that Jesus served. But I guess we have to acknowledge that God is so far above our own understanding that it takes generations and generations to fully grasp who He is and what He wants of us. Moses's job was to show that God is One and has much to offer us. Jesus's job was to show that He offers it because He loves us.

There are a few hints that the Israelites didn't really go in and "kill them all." The Amarna Letters would suggest that the invaders of Canaan made treaties with several cities. Also Joshua made his famous proclamation, "If it is disagreeable in your sight to serve the LORD, choose for yourselves today whom you will serve: whether the gods which your fathers served which were beyond the River, or the gods of the Amorites in whose land you are living; but as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD." Joshua is not talking about a situation where the idol nazis are going to prowl the villages, pull out the offenders, and beat them to death on the spot. He is talking about choice. He is saying, "You can be stupid and wrong if you want, but I know which way is the right one and my family is going to follow me on that path. I know that it's the best inheritance I can give them."

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Ground Beneath Her Feet

In Jonathan Welton's book, The School of the Seers, he mentions a medley of passages that are theologically more important that they would seem at first glance. "The Word says that we move: from grace to grace (John 1:16) because grace and truth trump the law given through Moses; strength to strength (Ps. 84:7); Faith to faith (Rom. 1:17) because the righteous live by faith; glory to glory (2 Cor. 3:18) because it is the Spirit that forms the image of Christ in us. Last but not least, he cites Prov. 4:18 which reads "The path of the righteous is like the light of dawn, shining brighter and brighter until midday" (Holmans). He goes on to state, "The Kingdom of God is never stagnant; it is always progressing forward and taking ground" pp. 173-174.

And that is exactly why, in our day and age, when a church or a denomination continues to deny leadership and pastoral roles to women, they are falling prey to a false doctrine, the consequences of which become more serious as time goes by. The New Testament gives 3 justifications for denying women full leadership status. One is that she was created second, so she was created in the image of man rather than the image of God. Patriarchal men have long thought that men were more intelligent and competent than women. The second reason is that Eve was in the transgression, suggesting that women are morally and intellectually weaker than men. Reason 3 is that women were punished by being put under submission to men by God Himself. These are all seen as being timeless, unchangeable situations that not even the very grace of Christ's death on the cross can alter.

Leaving women in this stagnant, barren limbo ignores the authority that Deborah, Hannah, and Huldah exercised as prophetesses in the Old Testament. It ignores the promise of Joel 2:28, 29, in which God pours out His Spirit on all humanity, including male and female slaves. It bypasses the courage and insight of women like Ruth, Rahab, the New Testament heroines, and the woman at the well. Women showed their mettle in the Roman arenas where death was the result of refusing to deny Christ.

Quenching the Spirit of God is a serious matter, a sure-fire way to guarantee that God will stifle the ambitions and aspirations of those who participate in shutting off His work.

I had a discussion with a fellow Bible College student many years ago. Rueben came from Romania, a very patriarchal country. A woman in the congregation had a prophetic gift which the pastor resented because she was exercising too much influence and authority. He told her to stop using that gift. She complied for a year, but finally came to him with this message: God is very grieved because you have not just cut off this servant of God but have denied the work of the Holy Spirit. If you don't take back the ruling about the woman's gifting, God will take your life within two weeks and your brains will be smeared across the wall.

Talk about courage! I personally would be terrified to deliver such a message, even if Gabriel himself shook his fist at me and said deliver it. The pastor did not believe the warning. The church waited with bated breath to see what would happen. Ten days later the pastor was walking down a street lined by a wall. A car ran off the road and hit him pressing him against the wall and literally smearing his brains against it.

In Josh. 1:3 the Lord promised Joshua that he would give him every place where his foot treads. When Reuben was telling me his story, he suggested that maybe women were too sensitive to be pastors. I reminded him that even as we were speaking there was a female astronaut in outer space helping to fix the Hubble Telescope. I said, "Do you have any idea the competence and training it takes to be in that position? Do you know how much money the US invested in preparing her to be there? Why are we having this conversation?"

The feet of women have tread the halls of Congress and the White House. We have marched across the mission fields of the world. Women have been the presidents of nations. They are university professors and deans, including in conservative evangelical colleges. They have run charities, been spies, fought in wars. What will it take for evangelical men to realize that the first century view of the perfect woman is a repressive abomination in our day? How can we say that we are loving people when we insult and repress half of our own population, which includes our wives, mothers, and sisters?

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Robin H's Battle of the call

Robin Harfouche knew from the time she was little that she had a special gift. She could read people's minds and sometimes tell the future. On one side of her family she had relatives into witchcraft and esp. They called it 'the veil,' and Robin was told that she had it. All throughout her childhood and youth, she believed that it was a gift from God to do good things in the world.

On the other side of her family, she had Pentecostal Christians. She wasn't close to them at all and came to her adulthood without ever having gone to church. One day at college, she heard a whistle. She turned around to see a very tall angel who told her that she had been chosen to be a spokesperson for a new religion called New Age. She went on to become a dancer in Hollywood. She got hooked up with the man who managed several major actors, including Michael Jackson, Marilyn Monroe, and Shirley McClain. He pressed her to begin training for her call, so she wound up at a seminar to learn to channel spirits. When she heard a woman manifest a deep male voice, she was totally freaked out and left. She told the manager that she wasn't going to participate in the channeling business. He told her that she had no choice because it was her destiny.

She wound up as a waitress in Sonny Bono's restaurant in Hollywood. Some customers were disrespectful to her so she decided to let someone else wait on them. Her spirit guide, however, told her she had to stand up to them. She grabbed a tray of drinks. On her way out, a door slammed onto her head, putting her into a 6 week coma. When she awoke, she was told she would never walk again. She was in pain every day.

A friend invited her to church one day. The minute she passed through the doors, she was overwhelmed by the Presence of God. She wound up on the floor, physically and emotionally overcome. When she recovered, she was healed. Today, she walks normally. She wound up getting married to one of the evangelists there, Christian Harfouche. She now has a healing ministry of her own, but this time, all is done in the name of Jesus Christ. The miracles are often of the 'creative' kind, meaning that people are given limbs or organs that they didn't have before. She was taken to heaven by Jesus Christ the year after her healing. He told her that the enemy has managed to imitate the gifts that He has supplied for His people. He showed her worship in heaven on a grand scale and told her that the time has come when worship on earth and in heaven will bring the two realms together, allowing for spectacular healings and miracles. He said that one thing the adversary cannot do is create. They can only manipulate what is already there.

It is not at all uncommon for people in the occult to experience a calling to service. The same is true for alien abductees, journalists writing about the Virgin Mary, scientists writing about reincarnation, mediums, etc. Diverse spiritual realms have been vying for the loyalty and service of humans since the dawn of time. Genesis 3 is a perfect example. The testimonies of Christians called to service cannot even be quantified due to the vast amount of them. But all of these various spiritual callings are from different sources, with different messages. It's all very real, but it does not lead us all to the same end game or the same eternal destiny.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Estonia Sings to the Well

Numbers 21:16-18: Then Israel sang this song, "Spring up, O Well, Sing about it, About the well that the princes dug, that the nobles of the people sank--the nobles with scepters and staffs." From there they continued to Beer, the well where the Lord told Moses, "Gather the people together and I will give them water."

Do the Israelites sound superstitious? Why would they have the nobles and princes of the people dig a well, which apparently wasn't fully effective, and then sing to it to release the ground water into the well? Who could possibly believe that such an approach could be effective?

Never say never. Yesterday my husband and I watched a beautiful documentary about the fall of the Soviet Union. It began with a song! The Estonian, Latvian, and Lithuanian people were all caught between incursions of the Germans during the war and the Russians afterward. Their occupation seemed endless, and the men and women who disappeared numbered in the thousands. Some were went to German concentration camps, or to Siberia, while others were just shot. Life under the Soviets was that of repression and grinding, ridiculous propaganda. First, there was the original attempt to kill off the leadership and intelligentsia, then to crush and destroy the language and culture. The one Estonian tradition that did not die was the annual song fest where thousands of Estonians would gather to sing. Some of the songs were patriotic. They seemed to have an almost magical ability to fan the flames of hunger for national identity and freedom. The DVD documentary that we watched was called "The Singing Revolution" and I recommend that anyone who reads this blog rent it and watch it. I recall many of these events taking place in the 80's, but I never put them together in context. I had no idea the brave and amazing bid for independence that was made by these non-violent people, who had no weapons, no jets, no bombs, no terrorist philosophy, and no political clout. Only their courage, their inspiring festival, AND an amazing unity amongst themselves.

Their situation was complicated by a plan as old as ancient Assyria. Move the native people out and replace them with your own. Then claim that those people need the protection of their own government. A further excuse for continued occupation.

Rent the video and watch it! But ladies, have a box of kleenex nearby. We sent our soldiers to Vietnam with guns, planes and chemical weapons because we feared that if Vietnam fell there would be a domino effect which would sweep all of Southeast Asia into the communist net. In the case of Estonia, the dominoes fell the other way with a shot being fired. With the moderate and progressive leader Mikael Gorbachav playing a key role, the Soviet Union fell in a very short time. Nation after nation declared independence, including Russia itself.

Please don't tell me that the Old Testament stories are just silly legends. Estonia sang to the well of Freedom, and God gave them water.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Little Girl Ghost Saves Lost Child

I just finished Russell Targ's autobiographical book, Do You See What I See? He has three compelling afterlife stories in it. One involves an Icelandic sailor who drowned decades previously. His body washed ashore and was badly mutilated by birds and dogs. He was buried in the local cemetery. His thigh bone was discovered later and for some reason built into the wall of a home. When the owner of the home was present at a seance, the ghost appeared and indicated that he wanted his thigh bone back. He revealed its location, and sure enough it was there. One must ask, what did he think he was going to do with it? It was claimed from previous seances that he still had a craving for alcohol, tobacco, and colorful speech. If there is a heaven, this guy did not go there. Nor is he locked up in a fiery hell as we Christians would think, but neither is he having much fun in the afterlife. He is hanging around earth longing for things he can't have and wouldn't do him any good if he got them.

Another story involved a medium who was requested to hunt up a Grand Master chess player. Iceland is particularly fond of chess. An experimental match was called for between a deceased Master and a living one. The living person won, but other GM's verified that the game was played at a Masters level. I wonder if the former Master hangs around chess games wishing he could play or if he just couldn't resist an unusual opportunity.

The most compelling story was the one where Targ's little granddaughter was lost in the wilderness for 3 days. A psychic declared that she was OK and being taken care of by a nice lady. When Haley was found, she said that a little girl stayed with her and guided her to her present position. After a historical investigation by the Targ family, the girl turned out to be the ghost of a child who was murdered by a cult many years previous. The mother was in fact, still alive and in prison. This would be another of numerous cases in which the spirit of a child still manifests as a child--as if they never grow up. I am happy to read that the child was found, especially since Russell Targ lost his lovely and brilliant daughter to cancer when she was only 40.

It would not be surprising that children remain in the spirit world the same age they were when they died. The question that it raises for me, however, is that in the case of reincarnation, all souls seem to be adult, even if they are in infant bodies or in a child's body. They are not just temporarily adult, but they have been adult for eons. They even have a spirit name that follows them from life time to life time. Children who remember past lives struggle to express the images they see with their currant, infantile vocabularies. They also are unable to replicate the language of their former lives, although the images and many names are still available to them.

The case of the murdered child had a double happy ending. The mother in prison was informed of the rescue and was beside herself with relief and happiness. The odds are great that she had been blinded and controlled by the cult leader and was manipulated into killing the child by claiming that she was demon possessed. The mercy and goodness of the fruit of that whole rescue encounter suggests to me that the child was either manifesting as her young self to accomplish this task (the psychic indicated that a nice lady was taking care of Haley) or that she was allowed by benevolent forces to aid in the rescue. Hopefully, her afterlife is a little more positive than that of the sailor.

My studies in the paranormal have altered my thinking a bit. a) I think that when Jesus said, "In my Father's house there are many mansions," He may have meant various levels of existence. Maybe a fiery hell is not the fate of all unbelievers. b) But I would say that the metaphor of worms would be applicable to the regret that many must feel when they find themselves just powerlessly floating about with no purpose and no joy. c) I also believe that Jesus Christ is truly the Door to the Holy City. No one will get in without Him. d) We need to dedicate our children. In fact, I think dedicating them in the womb is not too soon.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Kundalini Portal

This is an excerpt from Do You See What I See, (2010) by physicist and remote viewer Russell Targ:

"Mollie also taught me kundalini meditation while I was at Columbia. I practiced this diligently for a year before significantly scaring myself with an out-of-control explosion of energy racing up my spine---a hundred times more powerful than any orgasm. I wasn't prepared for this kind of success. I think of this as "the white hot poker up the ass trick"---very dangerous without an experienced teacher.

The revered Indian yogi, Gopi Krishna, describes his own disastrous premature experience in his autobiography, The Awakening Kundalini. It left him hospitalized and mentally ill with buzzing sounds and flashing lights in his head for years, until he finally integrated the experience---a very scary tale. I wish I had read it before, rather than after, my own adventure in the fire---another glimpse into the unseen world." page 59.

I admit, I haven't finished Targ's book yet, so I may be pre-judging his message, but it seems to me that he is dealing with his experience as if the kundalini energy was somewhat like electricity, like Ben Franklin and others experimenting with this neutral but powerful force in order to learn to tame it. The kundalini spirit is often described as a serpent spirit that winds around your spine in 6 stages until it reaches the base of the brain. Serpents have been associated with various gods and goddesses and sentient spirits of some kind since pre-historic times. What if it really is a spirit? What if the meditation and rituals that engage this spiritual dimension really open a portal to a dimension that is far more than just neutral cosmic energy that needs to be channeled? Think about a snake. What if you found one in your back yard? What if it approached your dog or child? You would take a hoe and kill it. Many years ago, Jean Dixon claimed that a serpent wrapped itself around her body and gave her a revelation about the coming of the anti-Christ. In Genesis, a serpent represents the enemy of God. The Pharaohs of ancient Egypt wore a serpent on their crown that represented a magical, fire-breathing goddess-protectress. Christians and practicing Jews are encouraged to "tread on serpents and adders" (a metaphorical allusion to evil in the world and to demonic forces) in Psalm 91.

When Ouija Boards and certain occult rituals are activated, spiritual portals are opened, often by children just playing what they think is a game, or adults looking for exotic entertainment. Houses become haunted that way. I have a friend who used the board to tell the future. Two spirits began to chat with her all day long, so she didn't need the board anymore. She put it in a cupboard in the the garage and forgot about it. When she decided to go to church one day, the spirits pleaded with her to not do so. When she became a Christian, she asked her pastor why the spirits were still in her house. He asked her what she did with the board, which was still in the garage. He came over to her house and together they burned it in the fireplace. They claim they heard screams as two sparks came flying out into the living room. After that, the spirits left for good.

So, in my humble opinion, there is no amount of training that would make me want a snake spirit coiling up my spine or that of anyone that I care about.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Jesus: "You look good, you smell good, but..."

you're going to hell, and there's nothing I can do about it until you give your life to me." That is an exact quote from Jesus to our friend Rick one day when he threw his Bible down and challenged God. He wasn't a Christian at the time, although he was attending an Assembly of God church. He was there mostly to establish a presence for the men of the church so they would stay away from his cute little wife. Terri was from a long-standing church-attending family. Rick was raised in foster homes after his mother was murdered in his presence. Because his family were itinerant farm workers, Rick and his siblings never went to school until he was around 8 years old.

Rick eventually joined the Navy and was deployed on a ship out of San Diego. After several months at sea the ship was coming back to the port. On board, Rick was reading one of the darker passages in the Old Testament. He was horrified at how bloody and vengeful it sounded. "Why would anyone want to serve a God like that?" he muttered, tossing the Bible. Suddenly he was taken into a different place, a sort of bubble in some other dimensional space. A voice, which he knew to be that of Jesus, told him, "Rick, you look good, you smell good, but you're going to hell, and there's nothing I can do about it until you give your life to me." Then he was back in his bunk.

Terri was at the dock to pick him up when he arrived. He told her to take him straight to the church and the pastor there. He hardly said a word the whole way there. Terri was really worried. Rick went in to talk to the pastor while she sat in the car and cried. Due to his silence and serious demeanor, she was afraid that he was going to divorce her or that something equally terrible had occurred.

The pastor explained the way of salvation to Rick and led him to a commitment to Christ. He told him that the following Sunday night he was to give his testimony in the service. That Sunday, Rick made his way to the front and shared with the congregation that even though he and Terri taught children in Sunday School, he had never made that commitment. After the service, he was down in front on his knees in prayer. He looked to his right and saw the worship leader. On his left was the youth leader. Both were praying and calling on God. "What are you guys doing here?" Rick asked. The both agreed, "Well, we watch you, and if you're not saved, we sure aren't. We're here to get right with God."

Rick has always had good stories to tell about his life. In case one might ask if he is just a story teller, it's important to remember that Terri backed up his story one hundred percent. She is a PhD in Psychology today, not one to joke, exaggerate, or tell wild tales. Whatever you might think hell is, the God of the Bible came to Rick to assure him that there is one and that hell could even be the fate of people who preach and teach in a church.

In the reincarnation books I read, there is no hell. Just lots of therapy. And school. Lots of that. Michael Newton, Ph.D., (a popular New Age practitioner) assures us that no soul is evil when it joins with a fetus. Sometimes the soul and the fetus talk to each other during the joining process. The fetus may ask, "Now that you're here, who am I going to be?" (Destiny of Souls, p. 392). The soul may decide that the fetus body is incompatible and leave it, even as late as the eight month. In that case, another soul takes its place. Or, the soul may help the baby's brain develop and may comfort it as it passes out of the womb. The baby appreciates all this help, of course (393). We'd like to think that once the baby is born that the soul firmly binds with the little body and they become one. But no, according to Newton some souls wait until age 5 or 6 to fully bond with the body. That imaginary playmate your child talks to... that's the child's soul playing with it, or maybe a spirit guide (394). If you are an adult ageless soul, I guess the primitive, developing brain of a child is pretty boring.

So, in Newton's world, there are no real evil souls, no devil, no demons, no bad ghosts (just dysfunctional ghosts that need a little extra therapy, p. 57-60), no aliens butchering cattle or abducting fetuses, no genocidal, sociopathic leaders to punish. If there are such, I imagine that they appear before the Council of Elders between lives with great reluctance and chagrin. "Oh gee, I blew it again. I'll sure hear about this one. Gosh." The Elders will rap his or her knuckles and send them back to school. And by contrast, there was poor Rick, a Sunday School teacher of babes and children who merited hell just because he wasn't really born again. So who do you believe, the Jesus that warned Rick or Michael Newton? Thing is, if Newton is wrong, he is already in more doo-doo than any Council of Elders can rescue him from. I don't want to really think that Rick would have gone to hell, but if I want to buy a bridge in Brooklyn, I'll check in with Newton.

Friday, April 2, 2010

How do I know it's an angel?

Luke 2:14, KJV reads, "Glory to God in the Highest, and on earth good will toward men." The NRSV states, "Glory to God in the highest heaven, and on earth peace among those whom he favors!" Other translations suggest that God's peace rests on those humans who have a heart of goodwill. Each translation serves a particular need, but I want to focus on the more inscrutable version, the KJV. Good will toward men in an age where there is war and suffering, plague, famine? What the angels are saying in all of these versions is that God comes to bring us peace. We create our own hell. We abuse each other, but beyond that, we humans have been spiritually mugged by really malevolent, secretive, deceptive, and invisible entities that you can call what you like... the point is that they come to destroy, tempt, steal, betray, and deceive.

In my previous blog, I promised to talk about how I can be confident that the being in the white robe who took me out the door is an angel. Why did it have wings? Do they flap them when they fly? Of course not. The fact is that angels, demons, aliens, and ghosts are ALL shape-shifters. The core of their existence is really light and energy. What we see is something to help us recognize who they are, or possibly to screen who they really are, because if we knew, we would have nothing to do with them. They all live in a dimension that exists all around us. All can cross over into ours, but few of us can willing step into theirs. That is what they have in common, but there the similarity ends. Demons tempt people to do things that are destructive. When they manifest, they are ugly, smelly and creepy. They are there to tempt and taunt, with no thoughts of any good result for the human victim. OR... They can present a screen of being a handsome male angel, or Christ himself, or a beautiful sweet female angel with golden hair and white robes, but they will not point you to the Jesus Christ of the Bible. They will offer a religion devoid of God or Jesus or they will twist who Jesus is so that your allegiance to Him becomes ineffective.

Aliens come in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes they claim to want to save the planet. They have "chosen" contactees who cooperate with them from a conviction that they are benevolent and are here to raise our vibrations or our consciousness. In that worldview, there is no need for a God, because the aliens are the creators and they want us to be divine as well. They say that Jesus was one of theirs, so he is just a great teacher (funny He never mentioned them). Most of the time, aliens are abusive. Or they are incompetent. Abductees are terrorized, injured, marked, examined, probed, prodded, or manipulated like lab rats. Pleading with them does no good whatsoever. It's amazing how similar they are to demons in so many ways.

As for spirit guides, very seldom would one point to Jesus. For the most part, in the world of spirit guides, Jesus and God, heaven and hell don't exist. If they mention Christ, it usually the Christ-consciousness, some kind of universal compassion available to all, and stripped of any redemptive grace for the individual. In Edgar Cayce's revelations concerning Christ, Jesus is the redeemer of the world and the Son of God, but Cayce's ability to channel spirit entities led to lead and tin mixed with the gold. Cayce was more concerned about ludicrous revelations concerning Atlantis than about the Kingdom of God. His channeling entities planted several false prophecies in his mouth that have never come to pass and never will. Japan did not fall into the sea, the western US did not break up, California is still above water, Atlantis did not rise from the sea, the poles have not switched, etc.

So the angel in white who took me out the door was recognizable as what Carol and I would expect of an angel of God. But that appearance wasn't the final assurance that it was an angel. He did not leave scoop marks in my leg. He didn't tell me that I would start a new religion, he didn't teach me to levitate or put my hand through a door. He came in response to a prayer of dedication to God the Father, the God of the Bible, the God who sent Jesus Christ to walk among men and demonstrate His love and peace and goodwill toward all of us. He loves those who hate and deny Him. He even forgave those who hammered the nails into his hands.

As in Luke 2:14, He offered peace to those on whom His favor rested. He offered peace to those who had good thoughts and intentions toward their fellow humans. He offered peace and wholeness and good will toward all men, but especially those who receive that gift into their hearts and lives.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

My Angel Story

I was 20 years old, in college at the U. of Washington. This crazy Pentecostal Christian lady had led me to Christ at the end of my Sophomore year. We decided that it would be nice if I could move in with her the following Fall quarter so we could go to church together, pray, and study the Bible. I already spoke in tongues. One night while visiting her house I was lying in bed asking God how anything so weird and supernatural could ever happen to someone like me. By way of answer, I saw a vision in light just above my head. It was the Scripture "Luke 3:16." I jumped up, turned on the light, and grabbed my Bible and see what it said. "NIV - John answered them all, 'I baptize you with water. But one more powerful than I will come, the thongs of whose sandals I am not worthy to untie. He will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and with fire.'" So when I actually knelt at the metal chair in the church prayer room, surrounded by some ladies willing to 'pray me through,' I had that promise with me.

Darlene and I prayed all summer that my roommate Carol would come back from Olympia, WA and tell me that she wanted to move out or something. I didn't want to leave her holding the bag, having to pay the rent by herself. I didn't want to be selfish. Nothing happened all summer. Carol returned, and I had to face the music. One night I wandered into the living room of our basement apartment. Carol was fast asleep in her bedroom. I got on my knees and prayed a prayer of dedication to God and told him that tomorrow morning I would tell Carol. I prayed that it would be alright and not a bad testimony that would be a stumbling block to her.

In the morning, I broke the news. Carol told me that that in the night she had had a dream. She and I and an angel were standing in the living room. The angel was very tall, wearing a white robe. It had wings. It was talking to Carol in a language she didn't understand, but she knew exactly what was going on. She nodded, then she and the angel shook hands. The angel put his arm around my shoulder and he and I went out the front door. So when Carol awoke that morning, she knew that I would be leaving that she had assented to it the night before.

How do I know that the entity I left with was really an angel and not just a spirit guide? Or a demon, or an alien? Why do angels need wings, why wear white robes? For answers to those questions, see my next blog.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Cycles of oppression and deliverance

Psalm 14:1 is famous for the line, "Fools say in their hearts, 'There is no God.'" This is the psalm often cited where the Lord looks down on mankind and sees that "there is no one who does good." We evangelicals use the passage to point out that no one can be good enough to earn their way into heaven.

However, there is another theme in the psalm. In spite of the apparent negative judgment on all of mankind, God still has His people, and those who call on His name are often persecuted, sometimes for long periods of time, by the fools who deny God's existence. The question arises, "How can a mighty God allow His own people to suffer at the hands of evil-doers? "They eat up my people as they eat bread, and do not call upon the LORD" (v. 4). Picture an Israelite woman in Egypt. She has just had a gorgeous baby boy who is perfectly healthy and shows signs of precociousness. The Egyptians burst into the house, rip the babe from her arms, and throw him to the alligators in the Nile. The baby screams until it drowns. The mother screams and cries, but it does her no good. An alligator notes the disturbance in the water and glides toward the little body. That is the time when one is tempted to curse God and give up their faith. This horrendous persecution may have gone on for decades before Israel became the only massive group of Asiatics other than the Hyksos to escape Egyptian bondage and become a major, persistent, national state in history.

Picture Ann Frank and all the other Jews who died naked in German gas chambers? Bodies thrown into pits. The men and women freed from concentration camps were walking skeletons. Ps. 14:5 reads, "They (the wicked who deny God) shall be in great terror, for God is with the company of the righteous." The German Nazis would certainly have laughed at that in 1943 or '44. "Where is your God, O foolish Jews, you scum who are not fit to live. You are vermin. Your God is dead!" But when the German cities finally began to burn, hell came down to earth. Those who designed the ovens and allowed the Jews to be sent away had to watch their neighborhoods, and many of their neighbors, be reduced to ashes.

When you are one of those who do believe in God, you also have to believe that His plans don't just cover the next 5 weeks or 5 years. We have to think of 5 generations. We have to believe that God turns every apocalypse of our lives into something worthwhile. Job cried out, "He knows the way that I take; when He has tested me, I shall come out like gold" (Job 23:10). (Gold is purified in the fire.) Job 8:13, 14 indicates that the way of the wicked will perish. "Their confidence is gossamer, a spider's house their trust." Meaning that they are putting their trust in a spider's web.

Both the Egyptians and the Germans seemed invincible at some point in the cycle of oppression, but the little guy survived to not only be delivered from oppression, but to come out on the other side immensely stronger than if the problem had never arisen. The Bible is not a book of spider webs. It is surefire tested in the furnaces of history. Those who trust in it will come forth like gold, sometimes tomorrow, sometimes somewhere down the line.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Her dearly departed husband and the locked safe

(A fictional story, but it could happen) A tall, slender woman wearing dark, discreet clothing attended a public meeting where the guest speaker is a famous medium. Thirty or so guests are thrilled to hear from mothers, fathers, children, and buddies who have gone on to eternity before them. Tears flow as misunderstandings are straightened out and love and forgiveness is expressed between the living and the dead, some who departed this plane quite a few years ago. Finally it is her turn to contact her beloved of 26 years. Dabbing at her eyes, she explains that her darling died 6 months ago, but only he knew the combination to the safe and he never told anyone else what it was. He said it was written down somewhere but she has not been able to find it. There is $10,000 in cash in the safe. Could the medium contact her honey and see if he can tell her where it is? Also, she wants him to know that she clings to the knowledge that someday they will be together again in eternity.

The medium focused on Arnold Z. Being an accomplished sensitive, the whole akashic record of the man's life arose before him. "I have bad news about that safe combination," he stated. "I see your husband right now. He has reincarnated. His parents live in Columbus, Ohio, and right now his mother is putting powder on his bottom. He accrued some karmic demerits in his marriage with you because he was very controlling, so he is going to have a tough life in Ohio to make up for it. His dad will abandon the family and the teen age boy, now named Todd, will wind up in Juvey, and later jail. He will marry 3 women before he dies, all for the improvement of his soul. He's a charmer... they will all love him. When he does die, you will be a 12 year old girl in Atlanta. So don't wait for Arnold when you die because you might have to fight for him and it's not worth it. Anyway, he won't ever be Arnold again. Arnold's personality will meld with Todd and in the future he will be Todd with a shade of Arnold... mostly Arnold's obsessions and problems but with Todd's new twist. So, as for the safe... best just rent a blow torch.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Ted Rice Story, Part II

In my last post, I published a snippet from the story of a psychic and alien abductee Ted Rice, as told by by a UFO researcher. Ted was so stressed by his experiences, and so exhausted from lack of sleep, that he at one point checked himself into a psych ward. Finally he began to work with a hypnotherapist to uncover what was really going on in his life. It took multiple sessions to get past what researchers recognize as screen memories. The aliens, being very secretive, don't want their deeds fully known or understood, so they program the mind, through a process similar to hypnotic suggestion, to forget what occurred during the abduction. To aid in the abductee's cooperation, a screen memory may replace the real event, so that it's possible that the abductee might live their entire life and not really know what was happening to them or to their friends, neighbors, parents, or their children.

Ted's therapist was familiar with the phenomenon of screen memories, and Ted had an axe to grind, so the two of them pressed into his experiences relentlessly, until at last the last screen was torn away. It was 40 years almost to the month when Ted realized what had happened when he was 8 years old. His beloved grandma had come to visit. The whole family lived in the Bible belt and attended church each Sunday, but grandma was the one really in touch with Jesus. She was a warrior. She and Ted had an appalling encounter in which Ted heard an angry voice arguing with her. He later asked who that mean man was. She answered, "That was the devil, Teddy, but don't you worry, I took care of him." Two days later she died of a massive stroke.

Ted became psychic in later years. He became a professional medium, giving regular readings and teaching New Age concepts. He trusted his spirit guides, so he was wondering why, when the abductions and UFO visitations began, they never explained to him what was happening. They just didn't seem to have anything to say about the matter. Then when a really ugly, non-human guide named Volmo showed up to teach Ted how to walk through walls, etc. the spirit guides of a good friend told him that Volmo was OK. Trustworthy.

However, when Ted was 48, during a hypnotic regression, he met Volmo again. He saw himself at the age of 8. He and his Grandma were in some kind of parallel space confronting a reptilian alien who was battling for Ted's soul. Somehow the alien seemed to require that the grandmother release her power of protection over the boy. The grandmother rebuked the creature in the name of Jesus and stood between Ted and it. The reptilian reeked of evil and stunk like an open grave. Grandma fought to protect her grandson from harm. (The adult Ted figured later that the reptilian was probably his old 'friend' Volmo.) Both humans were harmed that night. It seemed that Grandma lost. What was learned, however, was that the aliens, if that is what they really are (probably not), can appear as any human. Ted's deceased grandfather appeared that night, but it wasn't really him. The aliens can also cause humans to hear and see and feel whatever they desire, whatever can tempt, confuse, or terrify. Like the serpent of old, the reptilian offered the grandmother eternal life, youth, beauty, healing knowledge, and even the return of her departed husband.

But forty years later, Ted dedicated his life to exposing the deception. The psychic readings, the spirit guides, the special knowledge, the deceit that the earth is in trouble and the aliens are here to help, etc, etc. All a lie.

Due to the regression of others, Ted also learned that 'aliens' can simulate Jesus Christ or other religious figures. I've known that for years. That does not mean that there is no Jesus. It just means that we need to examine our religious visions and revelations very carefully, as the New Testament warns us, to ascertain if they are of God or are from another spirit. Ted's faith in his traditional beliefs, so newly regained, was deeply shaken in those days. What he should have understood is that warriors aren't defeated just because they are wounded or even die. God's plans aren't all resolved in a day or a week. They can cover the span of decades.

Recently on the web I received a mathematical forward. It goes like this:
5 + 2 = 10; 7 + 2 = 63; 6 + 5 = 66; 8 + 4 = 96; So what is 9 + 7? Not wanting to spend a great deal of time on the problem, I look at it like this... 9 + 7 = 16. Just because the other sums are incorrect, doesn't mean I can't get an accurate resolution to the last equation.