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Monday, December 6, 2010

Help, I'm hearing voices!

Tonight I listened to a CD with the story of how Sid Roth, Messianic Jew and TV host, came to Christ. He wasn't raised that way. He tells an audience of Jewish people in Boca Raton, Florida, that he was separated from his wife and daughter at the time when he was encouraged by a friend to attend a New Age training center. There they taught people to meditate and accelerate their brain cells in order to become enlightened. They promised the clients that if they complete the training and their program doesn't work, they would refund their money. Sid thought it was just crazy stuff and wanted his money back, so he toughed it out. At the end, they encourage the clients to meditate and to invite a counselor spirit into their head. As proof that something new had entered Sid's life they presented him with the name of a woman about whom he knew nothing. Suddenly he saw a vision which suggested to him that she had cancer in her left breast. They said that was exactly right. At first Sid thought it was pretty cool and exciting.

The voice in his head gave him lots of information that he couldn't have known otherwise. He had become psychic. The problem was that he felt a little nuts and frightened. He wanted it to stop but didn't know how to make it happen. He didn't dare tell his parents, his wife, or his rabbi. He knew that none of them would understand.

He approached one of his mentors at the training center and said, "You are more advanced than I am. Would you enquire of your counselor and see what I'm going to be doing in a year?" The man's answer is extremely enlightening and should make us all sit up and take warning. He said, "Sid, this has never happened to me before! My counselor swore and cursed at me and wouldn't answer."

Sid's anguish grew until he really didn't care if he lived or died. At that point, a friend led him to Christ. Sid was so desperate that he didn't care who threw him a lifeline. He was willing to try anything. He went to bed that night in the pit of despair. He awoke in the morning filled with peace and joy. A clear voice spoke to him and said, "Return to your wife and daughter." He did that and has been happily married ever since. He is proud of his grandkids and they love their granddad. Sid's TV program is called It's Supernatural. He's kind of a dorky guy. His jokes were so bad on the CD I listened to that he had to explain that they were jokes. But God showed up at that meeting and people were healed. His TV show guests are all mediators of miracles and all have amazing stories to tell. Not one of them would suggest that the culture of supernatural healings and prophecy in their lives is a power from their own subconscious. They attribute every act to God. They know they are just the channel. The difference is that God doesn't babble about random news. His messages are focused on growth and deliverance in the lives of His people.

I recall another story where a woman bought a Ouija Board. She got so proficient with it that she put it away in her garage. Two spirits came through the portal of that board and just moved into her head. She didn't need the board anymore because the spirits just talked straight to her. One day she was invited to church. The spirits begged her not to go. She went anyway and accepted Christ. Unfortunately, they were still in her head. One day she went to her pastor and asked why. It turned out that the OB was still in her garage cupboard. The pastor came over for a board burning. As it burned, two sparks came out of the fire place and a scream was heard. But after that, the voices were gone for good.

Mind you, neither Sid nor the woman were bad, evil people who deserved to be demon possessed due to bad behavior. They were seekers. They were curious. They were just like you or me or anyone else. The spirits seemed so benign at first. Counselors. It's interesting to be psychic, and it could be quite helpful on occasion. The problem arises when one realizes the enmity these spirits have with Christianity and Jesus Christ. There is a profound incompatibility!

If Jesus is the essence of all that is good and loving, what does that say about these spirits? And if Jesus is just another teacher-guru, a nice man who taught us to be loving on the earth, why is He such a point of contention to these entities? Their hatred exalts Him and should be a directional pointer to Christ as a figure of immense power and presence.