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Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Dogged Pursuit

I've been sleeping pretty well lately, but I am aware when I wake up to roll over that I've had lots of goofy dreams. In one, I was with some people, don't know who, and we got on our stomachs and crept over a grassy hill in some kind of flat vehicle to see what was over the rise. I saw 4 dogs. One was old and really looking bad. Couldn't run anymore. Another was separate, but not far away. Two others were just beyond that. Suddenly two deer appeared. When they saw the dogs they took off running. The two dogs that were together took off after them. It was one of those doggie chases that they all love. The third dog jumped up. The chase didn't mean quite so much to this dog, but it was still a dog and was about to run after the other dogs. Then it saw the old dog. The old dog got up, having heard the commotion, and wanted to chase, but just couldn't. I was quite surprised to see the healthy dog forget the chase to come over and sniff the old dog. The healthy one couldn't do much for the old one other than show concern and care. That's where the dream ended.

It stuck with me throughout the day, so maybe God is saying something here. As compassionate as we want to think we are, sometimes we fret against having to be there for people with chronic, ongoing debilitation. Anxiety, depression, OCD, addiction, etc. are difficult to deal with if it's not a formal ministry or career. But reaching into our available time for that patience and caring may be what God wants to a certain degree of all of us.