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Friday, April 2, 2010

How do I know it's an angel?

Luke 2:14, KJV reads, "Glory to God in the Highest, and on earth good will toward men." The NRSV states, "Glory to God in the highest heaven, and on earth peace among those whom he favors!" Other translations suggest that God's peace rests on those humans who have a heart of goodwill. Each translation serves a particular need, but I want to focus on the more inscrutable version, the KJV. Good will toward men in an age where there is war and suffering, plague, famine? What the angels are saying in all of these versions is that God comes to bring us peace. We create our own hell. We abuse each other, but beyond that, we humans have been spiritually mugged by really malevolent, secretive, deceptive, and invisible entities that you can call what you like... the point is that they come to destroy, tempt, steal, betray, and deceive.

In my previous blog, I promised to talk about how I can be confident that the being in the white robe who took me out the door is an angel. Why did it have wings? Do they flap them when they fly? Of course not. The fact is that angels, demons, aliens, and ghosts are ALL shape-shifters. The core of their existence is really light and energy. What we see is something to help us recognize who they are, or possibly to screen who they really are, because if we knew, we would have nothing to do with them. They all live in a dimension that exists all around us. All can cross over into ours, but few of us can willing step into theirs. That is what they have in common, but there the similarity ends. Demons tempt people to do things that are destructive. When they manifest, they are ugly, smelly and creepy. They are there to tempt and taunt, with no thoughts of any good result for the human victim. OR... They can present a screen of being a handsome male angel, or Christ himself, or a beautiful sweet female angel with golden hair and white robes, but they will not point you to the Jesus Christ of the Bible. They will offer a religion devoid of God or Jesus or they will twist who Jesus is so that your allegiance to Him becomes ineffective.

Aliens come in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes they claim to want to save the planet. They have "chosen" contactees who cooperate with them from a conviction that they are benevolent and are here to raise our vibrations or our consciousness. In that worldview, there is no need for a God, because the aliens are the creators and they want us to be divine as well. They say that Jesus was one of theirs, so he is just a great teacher (funny He never mentioned them). Most of the time, aliens are abusive. Or they are incompetent. Abductees are terrorized, injured, marked, examined, probed, prodded, or manipulated like lab rats. Pleading with them does no good whatsoever. It's amazing how similar they are to demons in so many ways.

As for spirit guides, very seldom would one point to Jesus. For the most part, in the world of spirit guides, Jesus and God, heaven and hell don't exist. If they mention Christ, it usually the Christ-consciousness, some kind of universal compassion available to all, and stripped of any redemptive grace for the individual. In Edgar Cayce's revelations concerning Christ, Jesus is the redeemer of the world and the Son of God, but Cayce's ability to channel spirit entities led to lead and tin mixed with the gold. Cayce was more concerned about ludicrous revelations concerning Atlantis than about the Kingdom of God. His channeling entities planted several false prophecies in his mouth that have never come to pass and never will. Japan did not fall into the sea, the western US did not break up, California is still above water, Atlantis did not rise from the sea, the poles have not switched, etc.

So the angel in white who took me out the door was recognizable as what Carol and I would expect of an angel of God. But that appearance wasn't the final assurance that it was an angel. He did not leave scoop marks in my leg. He didn't tell me that I would start a new religion, he didn't teach me to levitate or put my hand through a door. He came in response to a prayer of dedication to God the Father, the God of the Bible, the God who sent Jesus Christ to walk among men and demonstrate His love and peace and goodwill toward all of us. He loves those who hate and deny Him. He even forgave those who hammered the nails into his hands.

As in Luke 2:14, He offered peace to those on whom His favor rested. He offered peace to those who had good thoughts and intentions toward their fellow humans. He offered peace and wholeness and good will toward all men, but especially those who receive that gift into their hearts and lives.