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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Woman Dies, Experiences Hell

In March of 2004, Walt Willet and his wife Kate were recently retired from twenty years of mission work in Papua New Guinea. Walt worked as a financial advisor and Kate served as a nurse practitioner. They visited me after their return and told me a story. And let me assure you, my reader friend, that if Walt and Kate said this happened, it did. There is not a cell in their being that would exaggerate a story or change a fact.

About ten years previously, a PNG woman named Daisy was visiting her brother, William Edoni, a national employee who is a devout, spirit-filled Christian at Ukarumpa. Daisy was a confessed Christian, but had not been living a righteous life. Kate was urgently called to the clinic one evening when Daisy suffered a severe asthma attack.

When Kate arrived, Daisy was having great difficulty breathing. Kate administered medications, but they didn’t help. She started CPR while William, his wife, and friends were earnestly praying in the next room. Kate believed that Daisy was dying or dead, but continued CPR until the doctor arrived to pronounce her dead. She tried to get William’s attention to call the doctor, but he couldn’t hear because he and the others were crying out for God to heal Daisy. Eventually Kate grew fatigued and was just going through the motions. She was convinced that Daisy had died. Suddenly Daisy gasped and took a breath. Stunned, Kate said, “Daisy, do it again,” and she took another. Then she began to breathe normally.

Afterwards, Daisy told them all that she felt that she was sinking in a deep pit. Strong cords around her chest were keeping her from breathing, and demons were pulling her down. At the top of the pit, she could see William and the others praying. Suddenly, the demons let the cords go, and she was able to start breathing and rise out of the pit. When Daisy told Kate the story, Kate said, “Daisy, God saved you because He has a purpose for your life. You must serve Him and live for Him.” Daisy agreed that it was time that she took her faith more seriously.

So not all NDE’s are pleasant with the tunnel, the loving Being of Life, the life review. What would have happened to Daisy if she had not been in the presence of praying relatives?