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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Gulf Breeze Sightings, Part 1, Vance Davis’s Wonky Dream

At the end of my last blog post, I promised to deal with the issue of the predictions from the Ouija Board entities, and I still promise to bring that up next post. We will also analyze the value of channeled information, whether it is through an animistic object like the Ouija or whether it comes through an individual in a trance. However, for this post I want to describe a significant and wonky dream that Vance had when he was about 16.
First, some clarifications, taken from Davis’s book Unbroken Promises, 1994.
The Six came to the U.S. because a variety of entities, speaking through the OB and telepathically through Vance, told them to. The first of them, the apparent moderator of the board entities, was a deceased woman named Safire (Velda in her earth life). [Note: just because I report the facts as related by others doesn’t mean I believe what the entities are claiming. In fact, I don’t.] Others were biblical characters: Zacharias from the Old Testament; the four Gospel writers, Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John; Paul the Apostle and his protégé Timothy; and not least of all Mary the Mother of Jesus. “Mary” managed to touch Annette’s heart and break down all resistance to her going AWOL with her two boys.
They did not come to Gulf Breeze to assassinate the Anti-Christ, meet Jesus in a space ship, or speak to Ed Walters. The only connection between Walters and Davis is that Anna Foster’s daughter, Lotus (“Kathy” in The Gulf Breeze Sightings), spent several days with “Frances Hanson, wife of Ed Walters” and Laura, their daughter, after the Six were arrested. Lotus and Anna also spent some time at the police station in handcuffs, but were released. Once the Six eluded an Army tracker at the Atlanta airport, they headed for Gulf Breeze because Ken Beason wanted to develop a relationship with Anna Foster.
The Six did come home due to an elaborate apocalyptic End Times scenario presented to them by the OB entities. The Anti-Christ would arise in Europe soon. There was an assertion that there would soon be a bloody war between the U.S. and Europe, which is why it was imperative that the Six leave Augsburg soon. There would be a Middle Eastern Gulf War, the Soviet Union would dissolve, there would be an earthquake in Iran, over 300,000 killed. Global warming would result in weather disasters, there would be riots in the cities, martial law, terrorist attacks, a false Rapture, etc. The gloom was unrelenting, but the Six were Christ’s own holy warriors whose job it was to awaken the sleeping masses and prepare them for the upheavals to come. There were just enough true predictions and signs and wonders to convince them all to take the leap. Without the messages from the OB, they would never have contemplated such an action.
As stated, I will deal specifically with the predictions in my next post.
After 5 of the 6 were arrested, Annette Eccleston and her two boys were found at a local campsite where the eight were staying for a while. They were first taken to Fort Benning, Georgia. It didn’t take long for political pressure to weigh in favor of releasing the Six. They were even given the option of staying in their old jobs in the Army. They all declined. Two went their separate ways. Vance and Anna’s roommate, Diana, immediately fell in love and later married. Ken and Anna did the same. Ultimately the relationship between Ken and Vance would sour. Vance continued with his speaking engagements. He and Diana moved to Albuquerque, NM.
It’s quite possible that the weird events in Gulf Breeze from ’87 to ’90 created an atmosphere where President George Bush, Senator Dole, and others in power could forgive the young, ardent psychic warriors, however misadvised they felt they were. Another possibility is that the Gulf War was planned, but hadn’t started yet. Who wants that to come out in a media circus psychic court martial?
A Silva Mind Control Seminar Opens the Elevator Door
When Vance Davis was a teenager, he was allowed to attend a Silva Mind Control seminar. They taught him to hypnotize himself and to build a safe home space with multiple rooms and an elevator. When one wanted advice or direction, they were to mentally call a guide, then picture an elevator coming down to the home space. Out will step a guide. [Kids, don’t try this at home!] When Vance tried it, it worked. He had some nice conversations with “Sigmund Freud” about being a nerdy, insecure teenager. One day a lovely alien named Kia stepped out of the elevator, the very Kia who became his guide of choice, the Kia who was leading an armada of aliens to earth to help the Alliance (the good guys) fight The Others (the bad aliens). Vance didn’t know it at the time, but what he was developing an aptitude for in these exercises was remote viewing techniques.
One of the things that Kia helped Vance do is to create a medical “lab” in his psi home space. There she proceeded to heal and re-form his inward-turned feet. This change in his real, physical body happened overnight.
Vance Confronts one Devil of a Boogey Man
Vance was about 16 when that happened. That same year he had a very significant dream. He found himself in a huge cavern where two teams were playing. He was coach of one of them. It wasn’t exactly a game; the stakes were serious, losing was unthinkable. Suddenly one of his players seemed to fall into a hole and disappear. He sent in another. That one vanished. Then another. Soon he would run out of players. He turned around and saw one of the most charming women he had ever seen. Before he could collect himself, she ran into the game and vanished also. There was only one thing to do. Run in after them and see if he could figure out what happened to them. So Vance ran onto the field and tumbled down the same hole.
It was a cobwebby cave with bread ovens full of charred corpses. A LIFE magazine lay on the floor. It was dated Jan. 17, 1964, 9 months before he was born. “On the cover was a picture of Pope Paul VI kissing the rock at the Chapel of Primacy at the Sea of Galilee” where Jesus allegedly gave Peter charge over the founding of His church. [Mind you, Vance was not a Catholic and knew almost nothing about the Bible. I would be shocked if he knew anything at all about Paul VI.]
The lovely lady he saw on the bench was tied to a stalactite. He untied her, but she quickly vanished. Vance hears a voice, turns to see an exquisite, perfect man with blond hair and a white suit. He said, “Come join me, Vance, for your power and strength could serve me well.” Then he tempted Vance with all the worldly wealth and goods that he offered Jesus in Matthew 4 of the Bible.
Vance sensed that something wasn’t right. He asked Mr. Perfect, “Who is Lord?” Answer, “I am.” Vance, “In Jesus’ name, show thy true self, Satan!” Suddenly Vance knew he was in the presence of pure evil. He was given Satan’s true name [satan simply means ‘adversary.’] The entity threatened Vance with death if he did not submit. He said, “You chose to follow Jesus during the War in Heaven, and helped to cause my defeat. Now you have come back to overthrow my power here on Earth.”
Vance answered with what almost sounded like another voice, calm and strong. “I have chosen my path and it’s not with you.” Wow, he realized that he himself just said that. The beast was enraged. They lobbed balls of energy at each other. Satan was winning.
“Ask for me, my brother,” whispered a new voice. “I will help, but you must ask.” Vance used the last of his energy to scream, “In the name of Jesus, get me out of here, Please!” Suddenly he awoke to see his mother comforting him.
This dream undoubtedly had components in it that were way beyond what Vance would know to do or say. It’s so biblical and orthodox in content, it’s almost corny. Do I believe it? I do. In the lives of the Gulf Breeze Six, the tale that they all proclaim is true is as whacky as anything you will find in science fiction.
In the dream Vance defeated the enemy, who may be looming on the horizon of history, in a face to face confrontation. When he got to Germany, he picked up the planchette of a Ouija Board, against the better judgment of several of the group. In part 6, we will ask the question of whether or not that same entity, Satan, came in the back door, clothed in saintly garb, using the religious, Christian sentiments of the group to send them on a wild goose chase.