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Thursday, August 30, 2012

What Aliens Really Do, Part II, Prayer Repels Alien Abductions

Oh, no, they were surely not benign. I had, of course, long ago given up any idea of these trespassers being “friendly.” However, what the man from Texas spoke about and drew for me during our regression session, almost tore me apart. His testimony certainly ripped up many of my most cherished notions of the alien intruders. When he made the drawing of a reptilian humanoid alien, the drawing was so awful, the image the most frightening revelation I’ve ever had. The drawing triggered fear and terror within me. It seemed too real.

That was in 1988. For the first time I was truly frightened of the aliens because the picture he handed me brought into reality the fact that a species exists which in some way, degrades every human being alive.   Barbara Bartholic, with Peggy Fielding, in Barbara: The Story of a UFO Investigator, p. 154.

First of all, if any reader feels that they or their family members are being abducted by aliens, haunted by ghosts, or harassed by demons, please refer to my blog post called “Spiritual Protection in a Dangerous Universe.” Another very good source of information is Ann Druffel’s blog post, “Techniques for Resisting Alien Abduction,” here.

Ann’s approach in a nutshell

Ann has 7 specific techniques that she espouses both in her book and in various magazine and/or journal articles. The first three have to do with righteous anger and physical resistance. Ann says that righteous anger is not based on terror and chaotic outrage. The successful victims knew that what the aliens were doing is wrong and told them so. They refused to cooperate. They didn’t believe the alien line that they (the aliens) have the right to use humans like lab rats. Ann may be right in that aliens want compliant humans. At some point, they expect to be believed and to even elicit awe and cooperation from the victim. Once the victim realizes that they will probably not be killed, he often resigns himself to abuse and helplessness in the vain hope that some greater good will come from it all.

Jim Sparks, in his book The Keepers, was a strong-willed man with plenty of salty, angry expressions, but in some cases, the entities just feed off the rage and strong emotions. Spark’s rage didn’t slow the alien program down a bit. One problem is that unlike Sparks, most abductees are not awake enough to express emotion and resistance. If they recall their abduction under hypnosis, what they report is a paralyzing terror and sedation. Telling the Grays and Reptilians to just go away may work on occasion, but in most cases, that approach is a joke.

Physical resistance may be possible, but Betty Hill fought so hard her dress got torn, yet she wound up on the craft anyway. It’s a little scary to punch an entity that has the power to abduct you, float you through a window, paralyze you on a metal table, and really hurt you. Jim Sparks claims that he accidently kicked one of the abductors. It caused the electronic screen to falter so that the real appearance of the entity was revealed for just a brief moment. Druffel describes an abductee who put a stop to things when she grabbed a Gray by the neck and broke it. Later the woman added, “I have faith in God!”

Sparks also tried noncooperation, but a system of pain and reward was initiated from the start that was difficult to resist. The pain became gradually unbearable. The reward was “Lust,” (any sexual fantasy fulfilled cybernetically), or “Power” in the form of psychic and telekinetic ability. He resisted the rewards at first, but in the end he began to enjoy it. The feeling of being part of some cosmic, important, global mystery was also very seductive.

In the end, he became what the UFO community designates as a cooperative contactee rather than an abductee. As in the case of many contactees, he was given an important “Mission.” He must warn earthlings that the earth is overpopulated and the planet is dying. He must galvanize us to do something about it. The logic and high-mindedness of the mission causes Sparks and others to forget the abusiveness and low morality quotient of the Visitors.

I think that Ann would say that the flaw in Spark’s resistance is that when they told him, “We have the right. Always have, always will,” he didn’t argue. How many times have I read that statement in an abductee report? The abductee who is able to ward off further incursions, Ann would say, is the one who understands that inalienable rights come from the Creator, not from some inter-dimensional civilization. They want us to think that we are insects, not important. I agree with Ann that we must never capitulate our sense of being important and unique sentient beings. We are all special, and although we may not know it, we are all loved by the representatives of goodness in the alter-dimensions (like angels). Absolutely all of us.

One of her more effective suggestions is to exert enough will power to wiggle a toe or a finger to break the paralysis. Some of her clients reported that breaking the paralysis brought the abduction to a halt. It may not stop all further attempts at abduction, but it apparently made things difficult for the Visitors. It’s also difficult for the abductee and requires a strong mental determination.

Even more effective than that was her suggestion of calling upon divine personalities like Jesus Christ, Michael the Archangel, some saint, spirit guide, or a guardian angel. She encourages her clients to pray. I couldn’t agree more. One of the best examples of using divine protection is found in Derrell Sim’s book Alien Hunter. His co-author and research partner Patricia Gray describes an abduction attempt that she was able to resist.

Gray reports of a 1998 incident, “They are there to ‘instruct’ me. I must look at the wall where there are symbols they insist I see. I sense that if I look at the symbols, they will change me forever. I must get away.” She began to recite the Apostle’s Creed, at first slowly, then stronger and stronger. She broke the paralysis and ran away. She felt that the entities gave up.

In 2003, she kicked some alien butt. Two of them came through the wall. She jumped out of bed, raised her hand like a traffic cop, and said forcefully, “‘In Jesus’ name, you will leave now!’ There was a pause of about two seconds…an eternity. Suddenly they leave. I go back to bed shaking, but a winner,” (p. 263).

Suggestions from Barbara Bartholic

Barbara Bartholic (d. 11/10/2011) was an abductee, researcher, and powerful mentor to many tortured abductees, including the late researcher/abductee Karla Turner and her whole family. Autobiographical books by both women can be found online free, here. Both stories are powerful and I highly recommend them. They both unmask the existence of genuinely malicious interdimensional Reptilian entities that may or may not be from the stars. Bartholic recommends creating an environment in the home and in the psyche of pleasant sounds, good thoughts, hygienic living, an orderly home, beauty, peaceful and supportive family relationships, and anything that would strengthen the soul, including church and prayer. When she does pray in the book, it works (p. 56, 98.)

In fact, Bartholic reports one of the most horrific haunting that I’ve ever heard of (pp. 119-125). It involved poltergeist events, telekinesis, and objects appearing out of nowhere. It involved Native Americans and a possible vengeful curse from a tribal shaman. A mother and daughter couldn’t stand it anymore. They took a Bible and some crucifixes and did their own little exorcism ritual. Although they were not over religious or devout or experienced in exorcism, they managed to banish the malevolent spirit.

In Karla Turner’s Into the Fringe, there is scant prayer and no relief from the torments of repeated abductions and hauntings. Only the support of family and friends (another good Druffel recommendation) saved their sanity. There is, however, one instance when she reports praying:

I was lying down with Casey (her husband whose real name is Elton) when I felt the whole bed start to shake, and when I tried to move, I found I was paralyzed. I couldn't even speak, but somehow I finally managed to whisper a prayer, asking the god of truth and love to make this frightening force go away. I repeated the prayer again and again, until the paralysis broke, but the bed shook even more violently as my strength increased. At last I was able to sit up and pound my fists on the bed, demanding out loud that the force must leave me alone, and then the shaking stopped. I tried to rouse Casey and tell him what had happened, but he rolled over sleepily without responding. At that point, three women came in and approached me. They held me comfortingly and told me, "You did the right thing. You passed the test."

Prayer works…however….

If you pray to Jesus, it has to be the right Jesus. The Biblical Jesus, the Son of God Jesus. The New Age Christforce will not be there for you. If you just can’t bring yourself to address Jesus Christ, try the Heavenly Father and his host of angels. And don’t think that just throwing their name out there like a magic charm will be helpful. If God delivers you, you need to honor that and give Him the credit and appreciation. You need to live the teachings, develop a healthy spiritual foundation. Have you noticed that in books about alien abductions, mention of God, Jesus, or prayer is rare?

And when abductees do turn to the church, alas, the church is often useless to give any aid. Yes, the church has the key, but most ministers will not touch the topic of the paranormal, because it’s dark and spooky and they think it’s not spiritual to learn about it. When an abductee comes to the average Christian minister, the minister has no clue what they are talking about.

You have to understand that aliens, just like the devil, lie, morph, and create false realities. They are master deceivers and manipulators.

Banish the symbols that attract them. No paranormal dabbling. No Ouija boards, dragon pendants, crystals, medicine bundles, or shaman tools. “Choose ye this day who you will serve.” If you do not hook up with a genuinely compassionate higher power, you are back in the soup pot.