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Friday, January 10, 2014

The Gary Stearman Story

Source: Cris Putnam and Thomas Horn, Exo-Vaticana, Crane, MO: Defender, 2013, 433-431.

This story was passed to Tom Horn by Gary Stearman. At the time of this event, he was not a Bible believing Christian. Today he is. The story is slightly abridged to keep it under 1800 words. The full story can also be read at In the story as taken from Exo-Vaticana, which is probably an older version of the telling, Gary is uncertain as to the source of the UFO. In the introduction to the latter posting, he firmly attributes it to a demonic source. Gary has also written a book called Time Travelers of the Bible: How Hebrew Prophets Shattered the Barriers of Time-Space, Crane, MO: Defender, 2011.

As part of an aviation-oriented family, I was literally raised around airplanes from my earliest childhood. I was an airport brat when my father managed an airport. I determined to get my pilot’s license at the earliest possible date…which I did as a teenager. I’m telling you this just to illustrate that flying has always been a big part of my life.

Stearman Aviation was known for having produced aircraft from the late 1920s through the 1940s, ending with the famous Model 75 Kaydet, which was the basic trainer for most of the pilots in WW II. …My father, uncles and cousins all felt the push toward flying and aeronautical engineering. So did I, until in the midst of my college years, I discovered that I was more interested in writing than engineering.

After graduation, with degrees in English and Psychology, as well as minors in descriptive linguistics, radio and television writing and the literary analysis, I went to work, first for Beech Aircraft Corporation in commercial publications, then for Cessna Aircraft Corporation in the Merchandising and Marketing division. At both enterprises, my job was to write corporate publications and sales materials…

It was midsummer in the late 1960s in Wichita, Kansas, and I prepared to take off from the delivery center airfield at Cessna Aircraft to make such a routine trip. On a Saturday afternoon, several of us in the Merchandising Division had spent time loading about a thousand pounds of displays into a brand-new Cessna 207 (rigged for cargo) preparatory to delivering it to a Texas dealer.

The next day--Sunday morning--I departed for my first stop, Love Field in Dallas, TX, about 330 miles south. The trip took a normal and uneventful two hours. I arrived at the Cessna dealership late in the morning, where the dealer and I unloaded about half the materials I had brought for the meetings…Then a little after noon, I departed Love Field and headed west toward Lubbock, Texas, where I was to meet another Cessna dealer and unload the other half of the supplies for him. This leg of my flight, I thought, would be as ordinary as the first.

Climbing to a cruise altitude of 6,500 feet, and leveling off, I relaxed, expecting a 300-mile trip of about an hour and forty-five minutes. Routinely monitoring my nav-com and right on schedule, I was (as always) enjoying my flight. The air was smooth and cool. Then, without warning, a low-voltage warning flashed on my instrument panel!

My first reaction was simple annoyance: this had started as a perfect flight, but now I had to manage a failure. I was somewhat disgusted; this was after all, a brand-new airplane. I noted that the electrical system voltage was steadily dropping and after trying every alternative and discovering that there was no cure, I took one last reading on my heading and position, then shut down the entire electrical system. On an airplane, you can do that, because the engine has its own separate ignition system.

I believed that by doing this, I could save battery power till I got to Lubbock, then turn it back on in time to call the tower and make my landing. Again, I settled down, expecting the remaining hour to be uneventful. How wrong I was!

At this point, I would remind you that all electrical power was shut down, including of course, the radios. Yet, at that moment, I heard a crisp, clear voice that sounded just like a tour guide. It said, “If you look to your left, you’ll see a UFO.” My instant reaction was: “Now, that’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. I’m not gonna look to my left!”

And I didn’t. Facing forward, I set my jaw and determined to continue as before.

But then it hit me: Although the radios were off, I had heard a clear voice. It was then that I decided for sure I was not going to look to my left!

Then, for the second time, loudly and clearly, the voice said (and I really couldn’t tell where it was coming from), “If you look to your left, you’ll see a UFO.” Its intonation sounded just like a tour guide, and I laughed out loud. Then, curiosity finally got the best of me and I couldn’t stop myself from looking to my left.

And then, slightly below my altitude, and a mile or two away, was a bright light. I watched it for a good while. It was matching my speed and direction. As we continued for a few minutes, it appeared to be slowly drawing closer to me. It occurred to me that if we were both homing in on Lubbock radio, we would be on converging courses…

We flew on together for a few minutes more, still on merging courses, drawing ever closer to each other. It looked we’d get to Lubbock at about the same time, then, something startling happened. We both flew under a high, solid cloud deck that was a few thousand feet above us. Now, at virtually the same moment, we had both flown into shadow. But amazingly, the light that came from this mystery aircraft was as bright as it had been in the sun. It was generating its own light! It was brilliant! Suddenly, I believed the voice I’d heard fifteen minutes ago. It was a UFO!

[The UFO was about 75 feet off Gary’s left wing. It looked like a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup turned upside down with edges that were slightly corrugated. Gary felt an energy which he interpreted as some sort of scan. Rather than fear, he felt elation and began to edge closer to the vehicle. He heard no sound, saw no rivets or seams. Alarmed, it zoomed to a mile away. Gary turned his electronics on again and landed safely, but he could still see the UFO hovering in the distance. The dealer who was waiting for him was angry. Gary was over 4 hours late, yet he had used half the anticipated fuel. Oddly, it was years later that these anomalies dawned on him.]

I had intended to fly back to Wichita that evening after dropping off the rest of the load. But now, the airplane was in the shop with electrical problems, and I was forced to stay overnight.

The next morning…bright and early…the dealer picked me up and we headed for the airport to see what they had found wrong with my aircraft. Needless to say, I was quite anxious to fix the problem and head back home to Wichita and the factory. The shop foreman approached us as we entered. He was in an excited state as he almost shouted, “You ain’t gonna believe what we found!”

And he proceeded to show us the brand new V-belt that had fallen off the alternator drive and ended up in the bottom of the cowling. There was not a mark on it. It was factory new. And the pulleys from which it had escaped were still tensioned and safety wired. It was impossible for the belt to have fallen off in this way. Five men, including an FAA inspector, stood around marveling at the sight. At the very least, the belt should have been scarred. Most likely it would have broken. But it was pristine, and what’s more, they had to loosen the fittings to replace. It couldn’t have fallen off the engine.

[Gary then headed back to Wichita and arrived there after an uneventful flight.]

I have many questions. Was the UFO good or evil? Was it from outer space or inner space; perhaps another dimension? Was it angelic or demonic? Did it cause the failure of my electrical system, or did something else cause the calamity, and the UFO came to my aid? One thing is certain: I felt that the UFO had good intentions; contact with it had been both exhilarating and positive. I was disappointed when it stayed behind as I went on to land…

Because of my encounter, I sought biblical answers that could explain what I had seen. I learned of God’s angels in their chariots of fire that flew in the realms just beyond the reach of man’s vision.

And I learned of the, “…principalities and powers in heavenly places…” mentioned by Paul in Ephesians 3:10. They are good as well as evil. The dark forces answer to their master, Satan, called in Ephesians 2:2, “…the prince of the power of the air.”

Like Job, I can say, “For I know that my redeemer liveth, and that he shall stand at the latter day upon the earth” (Job 19:25). Without a shadow of a doubt, Jesus is my Lord and Savior.

…The reality of these beings is beyond question to me. And since I am safe in Christ, I never worry that they might harm me. In the Spirit of the Lord, we are on the winning side of the battle.

[Amen, Gary.]

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Exo-Vaticana -- Is There a Connection between the Vatican and UFOs?

In a previous post I blogged about the book Petrus Romanus, by Tom Horn and Cris Putnam. It was a book about all things Catholic. For instance, they dedicated a chapter to the fact that Peter was never really the bishop of Rome. Another chapter challenged the doctrine of an infallible pope, and of the elitist doctrine that all must submit to the pope as the Vicar of Christ to be saved. They talked about Mary in much the same way that I have blogged about her, about transubstantiation, about the celibate priesthood, etc. I learned plenty about the Masonic roots of our nation’s design. I was introduced to Malachi Martin and the history of Liberation Theology.

But the point of the book was to suggest that the prophecy of St. Malachy from the twelfth century has come to its end. The last pope of the prophecy has arrived, and that pope, Francis, Petrus Romanus of the prophecy, may be the false prophet of the Book of Revelation, the spokesman who will introduce the Antichrist.

Of course, I don’t agree with all of their speculations and hermeneutical approaches. But I did learn a lot from the book. I had to read it twice, maybe thrice, due to the immense amount of research poured into it and the fact that it is over 600 pages. I also enjoyed the arcane speculation and research into ancient documents. However, when all is said and done, I am still not too concerned about the implications of Malachy’s prophecy for our day. Time will tell.

I’ve also had to re-read Exo-Vaticana by the same pair. If possible, even more research and knowledge and reference to ancient resources is stuffed into every page. Once again, there is much that I agree with, along with some hermeneutical pretzel twisting that I disregard.

The book begins with a thorough description of a difficult-to-access, Vatican-run observatory on Mt. Graham in Arizona. Nestled between two side-by-side telescopes is a smaller device called L.U.C.I.F.E.R, or Lucy for short. There is much engineering information as to the nature of the telescopes which I won’t repeat here. In their research and interviews, the authors discover that the Catholic astronomers who work there not only believe in UFOs and see them through their lenses on a regular basis, but they are looking for contact with them to evangelize them into the Church. They hope to cooperate with them to raise the world to a better moral state. They look to the alien races as morally superior, and when the aliens land on the Whitehouse lawn, the Catholic Church wants to be there to greet them.

Several Vatican astronomers, in interviews and articles, have claimed that a genuine disclosure on alien-human interaction would change the way we think about God. They believe that there must be other worlds out there, and that if there is sin and corruption on those worlds, perhaps an alien Christ-figure would walk on their planet looking like them as he did on ours in order to redeem them. If there is no sin, then He would not need to work out a plan of redemption. Although they did not specifically say that Christ’s birth was an alien abduction producing a hybrid Jesus Christ, H and P read that into their statements. (In fact, aliens often make the false claim that Jesus Christ was planted there by them.)

Horn and Putnam also claim that the Catholic Church is awaiting an alien messiah who will really be the Antichrist. Their charge is not frivolous. By the end of the book, they have marshaled a host of historic Catholic theologians who predicted that in the end times, there would be a great apostasy in the church and that the Antichrist would arise out of Rome. They present the writings of several modern Catholic astronomers and theologians who admire the mystical writings of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, a Jesuit who proposed that the end of mankind would not the the Second Coming of Christ, but the arrival of a final level of existence in which the noosphere transforms the cosmos into one mind and being. H and P have discovered in the books and speeches of Benedict XVI many admiring references to Chardin and his mystical Darwinian theories (chapter 19).

Perhaps many influential Catholics do believe in Chardin and salvation by benevolent aliens, but do they represent the whole church? Even if one pope ascribes to such a theory, it is possible the next pope would think it’s a pot of crock. The Catholic Church is as fractured these days as the Protestants. We need to remember that several Christian denominations also have a liberal element that questions the deity of Christ, the virgin birth, and the Second Coming.

The summary theme of Exo-Vaticana can be found on page 288:
“As we will reveal, Chardin’s theological ideas form the epistemological framework for the modernist Jesuit astronomers and even Pope Benedict XVI, himself. With Petrus Romanus [Pope Francis] assuming the pontificate as the book rolls off the press, ready or not, the False Prophet of the Omega Point [a proposal by the Jesuit theologian Chardin that mankind is improving over time and will evolve into a state of enlightenment which he called the Omega Point] is near.” (The brackets are mine.)

If you plan on camping any time soon and need scary stories to entertain each other around the fire, be sure to read chapters 5 and 6. H and P marshal an impressive list of researchers who came to the conclusion that the connections between today’s alien abductors and legends of the past cannot be dismissed. There are many similarities connecting accounts of fairies, gnomes, gremlins, witches, elves, cryptids, etc. with medieval stories of demons, Greek stories of daemons, and alien abduction encounters. A few of the researchers who ascribe to this theory are John Mack, Passport to the Cosmos; John Keel, Operation Trojan Horse; Elizabeth Hillstrom, Testing the Spirits; Jaques Vallee, Passport to Magonia, Confrontations, and Dimensions: A Casebook of Alien Contact.

There is also allegedly a group called the Collins Elite, a shadowy gathering of scientists and military people who discuss UFO issues going back to attempts by Jack Parsons, Aleister Crowley, and L. Ron Hubbard to open an occult portal in order to produce a “demon seed” that would become “the whore of Babylon.” Although the Collins Elite faction is not technically an agency employed by the government, Rick Redfern claimed in an interview that they have been influential in government circles for decades. They concluded that the whole UFO scenario was a deception designed to appeal to today’s culture, and that the ultimate purpose was to infiltrate Earth and pave the way for an ‘end times’ satanic takeover. The only way to combat the phenomenon is with prayer (155-158).

Most of the book Exo-Vaticana rehearses the history of the UFO movement and the correlating research. Much of it I already knew, but there were enough odd gems of research to keep me reading to the very last page. I have to raise a concern about one aspect of their writing and that is their exogesis of Scripture. I just invented that term ‘exogesis.’ ‘Exegesis’ is a way of interpreting Scripture in which we check the context, the historical background, the linguistic issues, etc. to try and understand what the original author, and perhaps also what the Holy Spirit, were trying to say to the culture that produced the passage. It may even include two or three levels of understanding, but the idea is, what was God trying to say to us?

An example: who was the author of Genesis 10 referring to when he wrote of Nimrod? One might look for a historical Babylonian king or even a mythological character like Gilgamesh. ‘Isogesis’ is when we bring our biases and training to the Scripture and force our own interpretations into it. An example would be to say that Nimrod is definitely Gilgamesh and try to present dubious arguments in favor of that thesis. The prefix ‘exo-‘ refers to issues relating to things beyond our solar system. I am defining ‘exogesis’ as bringing biases that cannot be substantiated, and adding alien speculation that creates a whole new mythos. Saying, as H and P do, that Nimrod is King Gilgamesh and that he gradually morphed into a hybrid, making him a super transhuman, is a great leap into the fogosphere.

Another example is their belief that when the Bible says that all flesh was corrupted on the earth in Moses’ day, it means that every human on earth was a hybrid except Noah and his family. Noah was ‘pure’ in his DNA. That was never the intent of the author of Genesis. What fundamentalists do with Genesis 1-11 frustrates me immensely.

I do agree with H and P in that there is a connection between the abduction phenomenon today, the reference to hybrid offspring in Genesis 6, and the ancient myths from Egypt, Mesopotamia, Akkad, Sumer, and Syria about deities that appear to be hybrids composed of human and animal parts.

I also agree that we must reject the idea that Jesus Christ was a hybrid alien. His genealogy is carefully traced back to Adam. He became a human to redeem humans. If he is half alien, then aliens are liars and social manipulators. In fact, Jesus came to warn us that there are powerful, interdimensional entities in the world that can lead our souls to destruction. He came to help us resist not only sin itself, but the tempter himself.

So, I have enjoyed the books immensely, but one must beware of the fact that Thomas Horn creates his own hermeneutical monsters by splicing wildly speculative ‘exotheology’ into his use of the Bible. I agree with them that there is much going on today that would suggest end times. And if not end times, the future is inexorably landing in our back yards and it’s getting zanier and more alien by the year. The thought of secular scientists acquiring the ability to splice and dice the DNA of plants, animals, and humans us genuinely unsettling. In the words of the cartoon character Pogo, “We have met the enemy, and it is us.” We have also met the future and it is here.

I have one more post to pull from Exo-Vaticana. It’s a fascinating UFO story from Gary Stearman, who shared it with Tom Horn by email, and it’s what you call in the journalistic world ‘a scoop’! If you are interested in UFOs, don’t miss my next post. My July 10 post  is Tom Horn’s story and is equally riveting.